Burger Kitchen – Moonee Ponds


Can we have a minute and appreciate how great social media is and how much it’s done for food in the last 5 years or so?! There used to be a disconnect between the restaurant and the customer. The only way for us to be connected was through visiting, word of mouth and of course Urbanspoon reviews! Old school bloggers will know.

These days, we can follow new restaurants that hasn’t even opened yet, long-time establishments and they can tempt us with their goodies at a swipe of a thumb! With everyone constantly connected, we’re more closer to that burger or chicken wing than we ever thought. If you got burgers, post a shyte load of food pics online and you’re based in the West – expect a visit from me!

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Laurie Dee’s – Epping


So, I’m currently on a burger bender (again) and I don’t know how to stop it. Frankly, I’m not sure if I want it to stop. Maybe I’m transcending beyond my human shell and a few burgers away from attaining enlightenment. Or my arteries are clogged beyond comprehension and blocking all rational thought leading to my ultimate demise, death by patty.

Yours truly was being a decent human being and volunteered his time with Mr. Brunswick towards cleaning certain lakes. Long story, we got hella hangry. We also scheduled ourselves that Laurie Dee’s was on the way home from our volunteer day. I wish I was this prepared when food isn’t involved.

Side note: Sorry! I know I’ve been away for a month. I was in Vietnam for a few weeks (I have some pics of the food I ate there on Instagram!). Back to normal schedule this week!

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Piccolo Me – CBD – Russell St [Lunch Crawl]


Have you ever seen something so inherently genius that you can’t fathom the fact it has never existed before? Piccolo Me is not just another cafe quenching the unending thirst of Melbourne’s coffee addicts. No, Piccolo Me holds the answer for exactly what happens when two things that are awesome combine and create a product that is diabolically sinful.

Piccolo holds the Croissant burger. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Folks, this is how super villains are born. This is Piccolo Me’s origin story and The Hungry Moustache is going to eat it.

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+39 Pizzeria – CBD – Little Bourke [Lunch Crawl]


Pizza is a dime a dozen within the Melbourne CBD, you can’t walk one block without passing by a few margheritas or two. You can grab a greasy slice of unloved bread with questionable cheese or you can go to +39 to satisfy that constant weekly urge to have a whole pizza to yourself. Admittedly, this was my first time here and the excitement was coursing through my veins ready for that hot Italian injection. (cough)

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La Roche – St Kilda


I did mention I was going to eat my way around St Kilda a lot more often and here we are! I’m a simpleton, if you take great photos of fried chicken, burgers and/or pizzas on your Instagram feed one thing is going to happen. You’re going to get a follower who stalks you for at least a one month probation period before he drags his rag-tag group of mates in an attempt to decimate your menu.

Keyword: attempt.

La Roche stands on the corner of the foot traffic heavy, Acland Street. It’s no surprise that they’re packed to the rafters on a lazy Sunday afternoon but we did manage to nab a table outside. Copious amounts of face stuffing, here we come!

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen – CBD – Russell St


We’re at that time of year again.

Autumn leaves scatter by unpredictable Melbourne winds that grow colder by the day. As the unbearable cold embraces Melbourne with the sniffles, patchy rain and a slew of cough fits, is there a light at the end of tunnel? I’m not a fan of the colder seasons and while Autumn is generally tolerable, Winter in Melbourne has gotten bitterly colder during recent years.

But with the bad, you have the good. To counter the cold, you need heat and with the melting pot that is Melbourne – we got the heat! Hotpot, Pho, Udon, Laksa, you name it and Melbourne usually has it! As an expert IG lurker, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen (IFR) caught my eye with their bright green Yuzu broth and their generous servings of chicken wings. It’s only right thatΒ  we end of the work week with a hot steaming bowl of Ramen and some chicken wings for good measure.

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