SAM SAM – CBD – Swanston St


The night that started it all. The opportunity finally came and it was all thanks to my good friends and our ritual of gifting late birthday presents (This is how we roll). My first camera of any kind, besides from the trusty camera that all smart phones come equipped with these days. I did decided that our choice of dinner will definitely start my food blog rolling.

For those in the know, SAM SAM is a fairly new establishment that opened up sometime last year and I have been meaning to drop in so many times but haven’t had the chance till last Sunday. Korean fried chicken along with the usual Korean casual diner standard fare.

Located smack bang on the ever busy Swanston Street.



Staff were efficient and all smiles around gave us the option of dining downstairs or upstairs. We decided to dine downstairs because we’re bad arses.


Hot & Spicy – SAM SAM Chicken Wings ($16) – SAM SAM gets it right with their fried chicken. Extra crispy and remains so when tossed in their hot and spicy sauce.


KimChi Fries ($15) – These were awesome, especially when accompanied with Soju. The Kimchi was mild and paired well with the cheese and hot fries. Would order again!


Soy & Garlic, half size – SAM SAM Boneless Chicken ($17) – served with crunchy wedges, these are one of the more milder and I enjoyed the fact they were not drenched in sauce, that other KFC places are guilty of. They were definitely juicy but a bit too sweet for my liking.


Normal fries and Kewpie mayo (because we can. $6)


Mussel Pot ($20) – No one knew how these tasted as they were devoured selfishly by an individual who will not be named… yet (2 more strikes buddy). My guess would be, quite delicious if you are to decimate this whole pot without sharing with your dear, dear friends.


Very Spicy Seafood Hot Pot “Jjam-Ppong” ($14) – This was definitely a winner for the night, the broth was so rich but really light and the spiciness level was perfect. If you’re into spicy food or it’s a really cold night, definitely the option to beat!


And finally, the Stir-fried Spicy PorkΒ  Belly ($13) – Quite standard, but still … you really can’t go wrong with pork belly. Especially if it’s spicy.


I know, I know, Soju and fried chicken?! “Where’s the beer?”

My friends… don’t knock it until you try it.

Also, they came in Apple AND Citron flavoured. We had to. ($14 a bottle)

SAM SAM was delicious and I enjoyed my time there. The food was great and service was efficient. I would recommend to have a try for anyone who is a looking for a change from well known KFC eateries like Gami’s.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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