Third Wave – Prahran


I have been a long time fan of American BBQ and my fascination started off with the first series of Man Vs. Food back in 2008 when Adam Richman was no where near the household name as he is today. The thick slabs of juicy brisket, the tender ribs that barely hung onto the bones… there was almost no way I could’ve escaped and ignore the gloriousness that was on my screen. Slowly but surely, Australia shared my same enthusiasm. American BBQ inspired diners, restaurants, bistros popped up all over Melbourne. Some didn’t make it, some survived and built a name for themselves and some are still popping up in Melbourne and creating waves (Intended.) of popularity.

Enter Third Wave.


Tucked away on Cato Street with ample parking, I regard Third Wave highly on my go to list for a consistent plate of ribs and BBQ meats in general. The flavouring is always on point and service is always efficient, friendly and we felt an air of comfortability as we gorged on the feast as they came plate by plate.

Pork Ribs (Large) – $53.90

What I notice with mediocre places is that if a cut of ribs is overly sauced, it is usually masking a piece of rib that was not properly loved and usually dry and under seasoned. That was not the case with Third Wave’s ribs. Sauced just enough with a dry rub, the love was definitely felt as we broke through these ribs in no time at all.

Ribsy Burger – $17.80

With a recent addition of a burger menu, the Ribsy Burger took us by surprised as the slow cooked short rib did not fall short in terms of flavour and that swiss cheese is a deadly combination. Each piece remained tender and gave way as soon as you bite and was finished before we knew it.

Juicy Lucy – $16.90

I ordered this beast as the description reminded me of my cheese-obsessed-lover-of-all-things-cheese friend who was absent from our excursion. For those who are unfamiliar, a Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy) is a basic hamburger that consist of a two burger patties enveloping American cheese in the middle. Third Wave adds fried onion rings, grilled onions and tomato to brings thing up a notch. The result?

Ooey Gooey Owee Goodness!

Not only would this burger satisfy the most cheesiest of the cheese lovers out there, the patty itself was so flavourful (must the bacon and the aged jack cheddar) – it was the clear star of the night!

Smoked Mac and Cheese (Small) – $8.90
Spicy Beer Battered Chips (Small) – $7.90

The Mac and Cheese paled by comparison but was promptly inhaled by everyone because we can. The chips were shaped similar to the diamond cut chips from Schnitz but heavily seasoned with a spicy house blend salt. I enjoyed the seasoning but discovered they aren’t as morish as their Schnitz counterpart and can be quite sickening after a few bites in.

All in all, I was surprised the addition of the burger menu was implemented just recently as the taste of the burgers felt as though they were painstakingly refined and were on the menu from day one. I am a Third Wave advocate and if you’re feeling like American BBQ or even a burger, come in and you will just might become a fan as well.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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One thought on “Third Wave – Prahran

  1. […] While there were one or two dishes that I can recall, most of the dishes we had were largely forgettable. Up In Smoke isn’t bad as people have touted but there wasn’t any dishes that would make me want to return or immediately rave about. In terms of curbing my BBQ cravings, I’ll leave that to Smokehouse 101 or Third Wave. […]


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