Mook Ji Bar – CBD – Lonsdale St [Lunch Crawl]


Mook Ji Bar is very popular. Like, a long line to get a table because they don’t do reservations popular (unless you have a party of 6+ I think?). I can see why though, because they do Korean food and fried chicken very well and prices are relatively cheap compared to other Korean places I go to and the taste does not even compare. We ordered heaps of food on this occasion, more down below!

I frequent Mook Ji Bar on a semi-regular basis. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a casual dinner, if I want something consistent and cheap it’ll be Mookji’s. Not known to a lot of people, Mookji’s does a killer borderline insane fried chicken that is so spicy I couldn’t recall the experience because I travelled back into time from the chilli sauce. Their fried chicken has taken many spice warriors, my friends included (except for two). Of course we need to get everyone updated on the spice game at Mookji’s so here we are again.

No line today!


Deep-fried Dumplings – $10

Probably frozen but it was crispy and f*** up your gums hot. Delicious.

Tteokbokki (or Dokbokki – Spicy Rice Cakes) – $15

The rice cakes are always soggy here but I love the sauce, mild and a little bit spicy. Perfect for dipping your dumplings in!

Mook Ji Bar (1)
Seafood Pancake – $15

Again, greasy but loaded with squid. Sometimes this is just what you want after a long Monday.

Spicy Cold Noodles – $14

Very forgettable and I wouldn’t order it again. I have yet to find a really decent version of Spicy Cold Noodles in Melbourne.

Spicy Beef Spare Rib Stew – $15 (Highly recommended)

I discovered this dish recently because I tried an awesome version of this at Snowtree in Footscray. This version trumps the Footscray version and then some. The meat is tender and the bone easily slips out and Mookji’s is very generous with portions. It comes still boiling off the stove but you can’t help but dig in and decimate your mouth. No regrets. This would be so good for Winter.

Original Fried Chicken (Small) – $17
Soy and Garlic Sauced Chicken (Small) – $18
Real Hot Chicken (Small – Very Spicy option) – $19

What I really like about Mookji’s compared to other Korean Fried Chicken joints is that their chicken pieces are wingettes instead of a full chicken cut into random bits and pieces. The result is a very moist, juicy and crunchy bite each time and I’m not left thinking which piece of the chicken I just devoured. I generally prefer the original without any sauce, mainly because most Korean places like to overly sauce their friend chicken. The soy and garlic was actually not as saucy as I was expecting but is sweet as they usually come. And then the Real Hot chicken came out. To my surprise, my dining companions did really well. Suspiciously well. Almost as if…. the chicken wasn’t even as spicy as it was when I had it. I think there may have been a chance that the spicy level have been toned down due to complaints, but it was a bit disappointing to not see my mates squirming for any liquids to ease the pain. This plate of chicken was the most spiciest dish I had ever had in my life (Even more spicy than crazy wings) but I don’t think that statement is true anymore after tonight. Oh well, looks like the adventure continues.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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