Royal Stacks – CBD – Collins St [Lunch Crawl]


With my current lifestyle, sometimes it just not possible to eat out often and most of the places that I go to are pretty standard and in my opinion aren’t review worthy or have very unphotogenic food. So I thought of a way to have semi-regular posts on here, I would incorporate some of the places that I visit for Lunch around the Melbourne CBD where I work. This will also encourage me to try new places, introduce my go-to places and help other CBD warriors out there. Thus, Lunch Crawl is born! Yay.

These will usually be short because I’m usually eating for one or in the odd occasion I’ll be with Mr. Brunswick (He is my Robin and I am Batman) and trying new places.

Coming here at lunch time on a Friday is a bad idea. Here’s why.


But damn. Royal Stacks knows customer service man. Here’s why.


Cheesecake frozen custard. Bam. So bomb. I think I’d be tempted to get just this again if there is no line next time and it’s a nice and toasty outside. Before we knew it we were at the front of the line and even got a table as well.


Royal Stacks was very busy (the hype is real) and the line seemed endless, at first. They do incredibly well with their current system from the wait, the order and finally picking up the goods. It was very constant and Mr. Brunswick and I felt they controlled the lunchtime rush well and pushed them burgers out like clockwork.

L to R – Double Stack -$12.20, Small Potato Gems $3.50, Small Fries – $2.80 & Bacon Bacon – $13.90

I really liked the Double Stack. I tackled it properly. Eyes closed and jaws locked. You know how it is. It was a combination of fresh, juicy and cheesy. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t realise this was the only shot of the burgers half way through! Mr. Brunswick shared the same opinion about his Bacon Bacon.

The gems and fries were not as great though. I was a bit suspicious as I made my way through them.. something lacking, as if it was missing that extra bit of grease? I think I figured out half way through and the gems and fries are not deep fried at Royal Stacks. Think oven fry with as little oil as possible. Not my cup of tea because it tasted stale and dry and dragged down my score for Stacks. Burgers only for me next time!

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

Royal Stacks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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