KUU Cafe – South Melbourne

Custom Inari’s and more!

With a one-sided vote for a Japanese lunch on a sunny Sunday, we headed off to KUU Cafe! Like a lot of Japanese cafes in Melbourne, KUU Cafe serves a blend of brunch (with a Japanese twist), quick takeaway options, hot/cold coffee and more!


Not feeling too much for the brunch menu we went for the KUU Zen Set Meal with your main served with brown rice and green salad with homademade beetroot miso dressing.

Karaage – $15

I’m a Karaage romantic and where there’s Karaage, you know there will be a plate on our table. Real talk. Definitely ticked all the boxes, moist, tender and mouth destroying hot. I really liked the sauce and thought it was a some kind of Ponzu mixture. The menu says celery vinaigrette dipping sauce. Very nice.

Side note, I think the pictures below turned out really well (I think lighting was really good as well). Hopefully this will continue and you guys will get much less sucky pics! Anyhoo, moving on.

Taco Rice (chicken mince with taco sauce, fried egg & mozzarella, tomato salsa & avocado on side) – $14.5

Tasted okay, very similar to the seasoning that comes from instant taco packets for homemade tacos. Nothing too spectacular.

Tsukune Chicken Meatballs (teriyaki tomato sauce, parmesan & herbed panko sprinkle) – $14.5

The Meatballs were very soft and moreish. I had one and wished there was at least seven more and got a bit sad. Also the teriyaki sauce option with a raw egg yolk sounded awesome as well, but there’s always next time..

Japanese Curry (Chicken Katsu) – $15

Fairly standard fair here, nothing to report except the chicken katsu was doused with teriyaki sauce. As expected it was delicious and felt lighter than other katsu curries around the CBD.

Japanese Curry (Chicken Katsu + Fried Egg) – $17.5

I got a little bit fancy and added a fried egg, because I’m worth it. I love adding eggs to most things and watching the yolk mix into my food. I then visit food coma town shortly after and take a nap. Solid effort Kuu Cafe (Can’t say the same for the picture above, apologies!). As we left we saw boards of burgers and other goodies (I think the Japanese style breakfast?) come out and land on the table next to us. The waiter/waitresses were very friendly and nice. I didn’t get my ice long black but I can overlook this error because it was an overall pleasant experience.

KUU Cafe, I will come back for Round 2. Damn your burgers. Damn you.

3 moustaches out of 5

KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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