Mr. Fusion – CBD – Lt. Collins St [Lunch Crawl]


I distinctly remember the first time I discovered Mr. Fusion. It felt like it was fate that I was meant to discover this rare undiscovered diamond in the rough, but in truth it was probably nothing more than dumb luck. For those people who know me, I am a huge fan of Japanese Curry Udon. This is probably a huge understatement, because I absolutely LOVE Curry Udon.

Give me extra pickles here, some shichimi there and I’ll happily slurp myself into a food coma any day. Funnily enough, I didn’t eat atΒ  Mr. Fusion the first time I laid eyes on her (yes, Mr. Fusion is a lady and will remain so). I was actually already full from a quick lunch when I saw the menu on the front door that read, “Fish Katsu Curry Udon”. Sold. My money is yours. Taro and I decide to revisit Mr. Fusion for our weekly outing.


The inside is very spacious and there is extra seating in the back through the sliding doors however, you should come early before the lunch time rush or else you may not get a seat. Miso soup is self-serve and water comes in used Greygoose Vodka bottles. Classy.

Salmon Soba Salad – $13

Taro went for the Sashimi Soba Salad because it was a pretty humid and gross kinda day. I had a little taste and we both agreed that the Soba Salad at Sool Tong is better. They run a bit heavy on the sesame dressing here almost make the Soba soggy but the salmon tasted fresh.

Katsu Fish Curry Udon – $13

The main event (Sorry for the poor photo!). I will admit I have ordered this dish many times. I don’t think I’ve ordered anything else ever since I’ve starting coming here. I love chicken but even then I haven’t tried the Katsu equivalent. It is the same and it tastes so ****ing good every single time. Every. Single. Time. The fish cutlets are fried perfectly crunchy and still moist inside. I always forget that it comes with rich Japanese style tartare sauce on top slowly soaking into the crispy batter and combine into what I hope heaven tastes like.

The udon is fresh and chewy and to top it off the curry roux is not your standard curry blocks that you can buy from the supermarkets. I can’t quite pinpoint it but the curry is thickened with a mix of blended vegetables (I could be wrong, don’t quote me!) but still hits with you that strong curry smell that I love. I get so sad when I get down to the last strand of udon and the last bite of katsu fish.

If you’re in the area, I’d recommend Mr. Fusion any day of the week, especially if you’re a CBD warrior on your daily grind. I’m currently out of my curry udon phase but I do have my eyes on the spicy calamari don next time.

4 moustaches out of 5

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