Australian Seafood Fish & Chippery – Coburg


It’s funny how I have not heard of this place when I have been in Melbourne all my life.
And the irony of my Kiwi workmate introducing me to this place. Of course, you should trust Kiwis when it comes to Fish and Chips. Especially when he raves on and on about how fresh everything is. I must admit he did turn my tomato sauce world upside down when he introduced me to Wattie’s Tomato Sauce (I get mine here.). Thanks to him, I cannot go back to Hein’s or Masterfood. It’s more sweet than Australian tomato sauce and there’s a blend of spices that I wasn’t sure of at first, but I am totally hooked now. But, I digress.

Enter the Australian Seafood Fish & Chippery!




I really wanted to try the fresh oysters here but we had to stick to our mission and dove in head first for the fish and chips. Hungry and regarded as men with big appetites, we chose the family pack.

The family pack consisted of: 4 flakes, 4 potato cakes, 4 dim sims, 4 calamari rings, 4 crab sticks, large chips, lemon + tartare sauce + 1.25L drink bottle. For good measure we added scallops and shrimps into the mix totaling $52.50. Not bad, for 4 people.


So glorious .. and the message clear. We are here to serve fresh fried bounties of the sea and they did just that. Everything was fried beautifully. Dim sim a side, everything had a light batter you can continue eating without feeling sick and full of regrets afterwards. The calamari was tender, plump and slightly sweet attributing the freshness of the ingredients. The scallop was my favourite because of the roe. Many places choose to discard the roe but insiders know this is the best part! Everything else was as much as you would expect, fried, salty and artery clogging. Q-san announced the potato cake here is the best he has ever had. He’s not wrong.


The main star of the show, fried to a glistening golden coat. After a few generous squeezes of lemon and some decent tartare sauce, I was ready to go. The flake was much more meatier than the ones I get from my local fish and chip shop. My flake ran just a tad dry and could’ve done with 30 seconds less of frying. I’m definitely keen to try the other fishes available to see how if my flake was a once off.


There were concerns that we may not have ordered enough chips. Yeah… nah, we had enough.

Hamburger with the Lot (egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce & sauce) – $9.50

I also ordered a burger with the lot because… well. Because I can? Sometimes you just want what the heart wants and nothing can heal your heart like a damn burger with the lot can. I admit I eat a lot of burgers but can you ever really eat enough burgers? …Nah.

Especially after all the fancy brioche buns and organic free range beef patties and special sauces, I just wanted an old school burger that brings me back to the good ole’ days.


Their burger definitely brought me back to my childhood. The good ole’ days when $2 was enough to feed a family of 5 just purely with chips. The food coma hit fast and quickly halted my reminiscing session. With the perfect weather we sometimes randomly get in Melbourne, everything hit the spot just right.

4 moustaches out of 5

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