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A note from The Hungry Moustache: I apologise for the lack of posts within the last 2 weeks. There was a slew of events that kept me busy and while I did have a lot of material to cover, I was having my hands full. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal fat schedule and catching up on all my content. Anyways, lets go!

I think for most people, everyone has a group of friends that they would consider lifelong friends. With change and life in general, you eventually have responsibilities and rarely have time to see each other like the good old days. If you’re really lucky and everyone’s schedule seem to open up miraculously on a particular day, you get to share a wonderful meal together and no matter how many hours pass by, it never seems long enough. I guess, today was my lucky day.

However, not all stories have happy endings and unfortunately my friend who recommended our location of choice could not make it. It breaks my heart that he was not able to share our experience at BBQ Brothers 10 (we’ll gladly do another visit for you, Mr. Kimchi).

We arrived to a warm summer afternoon and greeted promptly by ‘Sup’, a very polite waiter whose service was the best I have received from any KBBQ restaurant I have been to. It was a humid day and we were relieved that Sup would offer to turn on the AC as we would’ve looked particularly ‘muggy’ that day. Sup would often offer insight to what we should order and help us in a manner that is not intrusive.


Located on the far end of Elizabeth Street, BBQ Brothers have opted for a contemporary modern interior that I enjoyed whilst being efficient in terms of seating and having a relaxing atmosphere. I forgot to take a picture of an in house fridge that displays the different cuts of Wagyu that is wet-aged from memory. Having little knowledge of this establishment, we opted for Korean BBQ and some side dishes because we are masters in the art of over eating.

Boneless Fried Chicken – $10

The fried chicken was delicious. Salty, crispy and you really can’t go wrong with a thigh piece especially when they have left on the skin! The fries were of the average variety along with your staple tomato sauce.

Bibim Naengmyeon – Cold Spicy Mixed Noodles – $14.50

It was a hot day. We needed something to refresh us and BBQ Brothers delivered. We unanimously agreed that this version of Bibim Naengmyeon is quite possibly one of the top variations in Melbourne. The broth is light with hints of a beef base that is really refreshing and satisfying once you mix everything together a la bibimbap style. You are rewarded with a crunchy combination of sweet apple, beef brisket and fresh cucumber that cuts through the richness of the sauce and broth. In short, I really liked this dish.

We ordered the ‘Big Brother Set’ (Menu says for 2, but we managed with 3) – $65

Comes with: Wagyu Flap Meat, Wagyu Rib Fillet and Wagyu Eye Roll, Prawn and Sausage.

Yours truly.
Cheese and Corn.

I really liked the set grill plates because there were each section for the meats, vegetables, grilled kimchi and everyone’s favorite, cheese and corn. They were also non-stick so you won’t have waiters constantly switching the grill for you.

Look at that marbling.
I can’t.
Everyone needs this sauce in their life.

Sup recommended that we try the beef by itself first and then with the sauce BBQ Brothers have concocted in house. The Wagyu, was knee-buckling. It gave way easily as soon as you slipped one of those bad boys in your mouth (if dirty thoughts enter your mind, that’s on you). The Wagyu entered onto another level when you dipped it in the apple/pear sauce that tasted fruity and sweet but also had a savory bite as well. It was one of those moments where you look around just to reassure yourself that this is real. I’m no Wagyu afficionado and have no idea of what grade BBQ Brothers use, but I haven’t had the same experience at any other KBBQ place in Melbourne. Yeonga doesn’t even come close and I love that place. I tried to gain more insight about the sauce but Sup assured me that it was a secret recipe. Well played.

Pork Belly – $15


We wanted some balance so an order of Pork Belly was placed. Boy, were we amazed. The quality of pork at BBQ Brothers were also up to par with their Wagyu. Each bite-sized piece tasted rich, buttery and got more juicier the more you bit.

With such memorable service and high quality cuts of meat, BBQ Brothers may quite have possibly shook up my go-to KBBQ when you need your grilled meat fix. Yeonga, I think we had a blast but, this may be for the best.

Shout out to my man, Sup.

4.5 moustaches out of 5

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