F.A.T, Fried and Tasty – Brunswick


It’s very rare and hard to come by that I have the opportunity to be in Brunswick. Not usually my side of town and swarming with an abundance of hipsters drinking craft beer and so many unique eateries for any man to count on all 10 fingers.

Not that I’m complaining, hate all you want on their beards and flannel shirts, but hipsters have an innate ability to always know where to go to curb that fried chicken fix you didn’t even know you were craving. It’s no surprise I was in Mr. Brunswick’s home turf, but what was surprising was that he never tried this locale when he lives within the vicinity. Blasphemous. We had but one option, lego!




Located on Lygon Street, F.A.T has incorporated the look and feel of a modern diner with hints of industrial design nods through the fixtures and exposed pillars. Orange is one of my favourite colours, so they have their colour schemes down pat. You know you’re in the right place if you see Biggie staring back at you from the back wall holding a drumstick. All we’re missing now, is a F.A.T branch in the west side with Tupac on the back wall glocking you down with a chicken wing and we can finally put this east-coast, west-coast Fried Chicken beef (I know what I did and I’m glad I did it) to rest.

Fried Tenders and Chips – $14.50

Mr. Brunswick went with the fried tenders which I can respect, because sometimes you don’t want to get down and dirty with chicken juices all over your face. F.A.T is very generous because these were 5 plump tenders that were not dry at all, far from it. If the southern style batter weren’t already enough of a flavour bomb, that complimentary sauce knocked it out the park. We couldn’t decipher the secret ingredient as the menu simply calls it ‘F.A.T Sauce’, but from memory it tasted like the best god-damned ranch sauce I’ve ever had.

Hot Chicken and Poutine (below!) – $16
Bonus shot!

My hot chicken came in 3 pieces alongside a pickle. I like pickles. I dove right in, both elbows on lock and took a big bite without a worry that the freshly fried chicken would scald my entire mouth in mere seconds. Bite after bite, nothing but succulent, juicy and moist pieces of chicken flesh coated by the slightly salty and peppery breading akin to what I can only imagine as what is served in the southern states of America. There was a nice hit of heat from the visible dusting of chilli powder and other herbs and spices. I find most eateries breast pieces to be a bit dry but F.A.T’s version is far from that, testament to the cooks in kitchen.

Poutine – $1.5 with Chicken, $7.5 by itself

Besides the fried chicken, I was recommended by a work colleague that the Poutine here was the bees knees (not her words). Chips, gravy and cheese – How can I say no?

The chips were dusted with a smokey salt blend and doused with ample amounts of gravy with melting Mozzarella. The result was a rich, gooey and salty experience. The gravy itself is quite salty and combined with the salted chips the sodium levels may be overwhelming to some. I’m a lover of salt but I felt it could’ve been a lot better if the gravy wasn’t as salty.

F.A.T was an experience and I still haven’t tried their waffles, burgers or their other chicken and side dishes. We shall meet again.

4 moustaches out of 5

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