Smokehouse 101 – Maidstone


Ever had a place where you constantly go past and you promise to yourself, “Next time.. One day.. Whenever I’m free..”. Smokehouse 101 feel into this category for me and whilst it might have previously been the only American BBQ eatery in the West (Up In Smoke brings the count to 2) there was never a time where I had the chance to make a visit. I’m glad I had the opportunity this day!

Located on Rosamond road just a few blocks before Highpoint, Smokehouse can be easily missed if you do not have a keen eye. Inspired by the Southern states of America where BBQ is king, Smokehouse 101 is a charming and cosy loft that is filled with character and littered with trinkets that will keep your eyes busy. It felt as if we were lost in the middle of no where in Louisana and eating at a local shack where the locals round up to satisfy their carnivorous cravings.

We were here for BBQ and I’ll be damned if we weren’t going to go all the way at Smokehouse 101.







House-made BBQ Sauce – Tangy, sweet and slight kick nothing too spicy. Went well with everything. Oh, and it comes in a skull.
Chilli Wings – $3 each – The favourite of the night.
Spicy Pork & Bacon Balls – $3 each
These were dense, borderline dry but remained flavourful and you can tell the bacon was definitely there.
Chips (Large) – $10 – Dusted with a smokey chilli salt mix. Starchy and friend, delicious.
Corn on the Cob – $3 each – Hunter reported back with a double thumbs up. Can’t go wrong with butter on some roasted corn.
Beef Brisket (100g) – $9.50
Beef Ribs (Half rack) – $35
Another one!
Lamb Ribs – $18
Pork Ribs (Half rack) – $35
Pulled Pork (100g) – $9.50

I enjoyed the Chilli Wings. I enjoyed them a lot. They were sweet, tangy, spicy and impossibly tender. The only part that made me die a little inside was that we under ordered (ain’t nobody have time for one wing). The brisket looked dry but fell apart easily upon munching. The beef ribs overshadowed the trio of ribs having a very deep, sweet smokey flavour and delightfully chewy and tender. The Lamb ribs had a gamey touch and fatty cut despite the tangy BBQ glaze and the Pork ribs suffered from being slightly dry. We did polish off the ribs, because we don’t discriminate.

I would like to mention that I am not fond of Pulled Pork in general. Why? Because they run the risk of being almost, always dry and chewy and make me question my life decisions every time. But Smokehouse’s rendition was probably the best pulled pork I’ve had in Melbourne. It was buttery, melted in your mouth the moment you began to chomp away. I can only imagine how much it would’ve been inside a bun and extra BBQ sauce.

Smokehouse 101 deserves recognition for it’s sheer effort and devotion to American BBQ which translates through the food. We really wanted to try the popular Cornbread but with all things popular, they were sold out. Not really a negative, just gives me more incentive to revisit. Our food took roughly 1 hour to arrive at our table however, the 2-man operation at 101 provided top notch BBQ and friendly service despite the crowd. I would happily wait again, especially for the elusive cornbread! Also, more wings.

4 moustaches out of 5

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