Burger Business – Footscray


Burger Business opened just as we barely rolled over to 2016 and as a local, escaped my grasp and flew under the radar for a while. That is, until we used sophisticated instruments for tracking down burger entities in Footscray, cross-referencing the tasty scale and juicy index for reference purposes (it popped up on my friends Facebook).

It’s no doubt Melbourne or even Australia, is totally crazy about burgers right now. New hole in the walls are popping up out of the blue, top 10 burger lists are constantly updated by the Internets and there are blogs dedicated to finding the ever elusive ‘best’ burger. I wouldn’t call myself a burger person, but I have noticed the increased in burger consumption and burger posts I’ve made so far (and that doesn’t include the unposted burgers I’ve nommed before I started The Hungry Moustache!).



Located on the quieter side of Footscray on Nicholson Street, lies an unsuspecting burger haven for the carnivores who are already blessed with 8Bit. We arrived on a warm Friday evening and the place was packed. There are three areas to dine in. Al fresco, the inside dining area and also the outside outdoor area wedged between the buildings behind Burger Business. With the patties sizzling and staff bustling, it’s all serious business here.

Lets get down to business. Burger business, perhaps?

Spicy Cajun Nuggets (Large) – $6.50

There were juicy and had a good Cajun kick by themselves, add on the Herb Mayo to kick it into fourth gear. Delicious.

I wished I had another one right now. Sad face.
Chilli Burger (Premium beef grilled, aioli, cheese, roasted peppers, spanish onion, jalapeno, chilli sauce, lettuce with extra smokey bacon)- $12.90
Bacon Cheese Fries (with Jalapenos) – $7.50

The fries were dusted with a smokey chilli powder which were too much for my companions (wimps), but I loved it! Makes you cough a bit if you inhale too fast but damn enjoyable.

Cheeseburger (Premium beef grilled, cheese, pickles, ketchup, American mustard) – $9.90
Footscray Burger (From memory, Premium beef grilled, caramelised onions, smokey bacon, lettuce) – $? – This was on their special board so the price escapes me sorry!

I may sound like I’m being paid by Burger Business for what I’m about to say but I assure you, I am not (I really don’t mind being sponsored with burgers though..). Even after one hour of waiting and my burger arriving cold… It was still absolutely delicious! The staff was extremely apologetic and explained that they were short-staffed by 2 people that day. Hey, everyone has one of those days. Explanation not needed, but definitely appreciated.

I got the Chilli burger and enjoyed every bite. Not as spicy as I was expecting but had a kick nonetheless and the burger tasted seamless. I can only imagine fresh from grill would only elevate the flavours even more. My dining companions Mr. Cloud and Miss. Jaz didn’t share the same thoughts as myself unfortunately. They thought their burgers were a bit plain and Mr. Cloud emphasized how un-caramelised his onions were.

And they gave us complimentary brownies. Let me repeat. Complimentary. Brownies. In a burger place? If I had a mic, it definitely be on the floor because I dropped it. No photo of the brownie because I inhaled but I realised what I did, sorry.

I’m actually glad Burger Business had the courage to open in Footscray where 8Bit is currently king in the burger domain. But you know what? I actually prefer Burger Business. Call me old fashioned, but I like that the burgers aren’t smothered in butter and I don’t feel like I need to take a shower after eating from them to cleanse myself from the grease (and I love grease!).

4 moustaches out of 5

Burger Business Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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