Burger Project – CBD – Collins St [Lunch Crawl]


When you have too much of a good thing, naturally you tend to steer away from said good thing. However, if you see Sichaun pepper salt as an option on your chips, you sweep that thought under the rug along with your lack of self-control and your diet that was supposed to have started last week.

Especially, if that option is on the menu at Neil Perry’s Burger Project on Collins Street inside St Collins Lane.

Located on Level 2, you’ll find it hard to miss once you notice the huge lunch time crowds occupying every table and chair at the project. Having found success in Sydney, Mr. Perry sets his eyes on Australia’s real burger capital, Melbourne. The Burger Project uses beef sourced from Cape Grim Tasmania that are 100% grass fed, no hormones and no antibiotics.

I was actually more excited about the Sichaun pepper salted chips than the actual burger itself. Being a lover of all things Sichaun and am a fan of the numbing sensation that the Sichaun peppercorn induces. Neil Perry had me interested but now had my undivided attention.



Mr Brunswick’s – Cheese and Bacon – $10.90

Back at it again with Mr. Brunswick, part of the regular burger fam and key associate of all things burger. His only regret was that there was only one patty.

Small chips (with Sichaun Pepper Salt) – $3.50

The Sichaun pepper salt was aromatic and kudos to Neil Perry for integrating the two together. The Scoville level is low, almost mild and Mr. Brunswick had no issues smashing the lot. I’m curious to try to the Smokey Chipotle salt next time!

Hungry Mo’s Double (minus lettuce and tomato)- $13.90

Eagle eyed readers will notice the lack of lettuce and tomato in my double, by the time I noticed I was already half way through. My dear sweet baby Jesus. That beef was amazing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say life changing but the patty was just so flavorful (it does help to have two patties in one burger, hah!). Grilled to a perfect medium the secret sauce tasted tangy and refreshing as oppose to the heavier ‘secret sauces’ from the other burger eateries around the CBD.

Perfect medium!

I didn’t think it was possible to shine in the already saturated burger market in Melbourne, but the Burger Project does just that. The beef definitely made the burger along side the secret sauce. I also like the fact that the chips were not the diamond cut that most of the other burger places use and just good ol’ fashion chips! with fancy salt!

4.5 mo’s out of 5!

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2 thoughts on “Burger Project – CBD – Collins St [Lunch Crawl]

  1. […] I also ordered an extra pattie because I like to underestimate life and Mr. Brunswick ordered an extra potato cake to wedge between his classic burg. I’m surprised my jaw didn’t lock but the bun held up and we both agreed these burgs were very delicious. The beef were pretty good quality with a nice chew, I’d probably rank just under the beef Mr. Perry sources for the Burger Project. […]


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