Shira Nui – Glen Waverley


I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Japan 2 years ago. Like most of the people I know, IΒ  was and still is, completely entranced by the culture (sounds cliche, I know), the people and above all the food. More specifically, the sushi was amazing and eating fatty tuna was such a memorable experience because it literal melts from the heat of your tongue and like magic, disappears into nothingness. Maybe, a bit overly dramatic there. But this is sushi from the motherland, dammit!

Reminiscing a side, Shira Nui is an institution based in Glen Waverley known for sushi and ‘Omakase’ dining, which translates to, ‘I’ll leave it up to you’. You essentially have the sushi maestro serve you the best produce for the day and will continue to do so until you are completely stuffed. The standard set starts at $90 per person and includes two piece servings of nine types of nigiri sushi.

Subsiding on Springvale Road, Shira Nui emits a humble exterior and most passerby would be forgiven for not noticing one of the finer Japanese institutions in Melbourne. Shira Nui is by all means not cheap, but the quality of the produce speaks for itself. I’m actually missing one serving of sushi because my moustache got too hungry and finished it before I got to take a photo. Yes. That’s exactly what happened. (Hint: Mackerel nigiri not included)

On to the fishery!

Entree – Meat balls with pickled vegies
King Dory
Pan-fried Salmon
Japanese BBQ Beef
Hard-shelled clam
Tuna Steak
Miso-grilled Salmon
Grilled Oyster
Green Tea Creme Brulee – $14
Really, really good cubed vanilla ice cream

The clear favorite of the night were the grilled oyster. A small package of creamy, silky and slightly caramelised cream (?) finished the Omakase perfectly. We noticed the couple next to us ordering seconds, maybe even thirds! I really enjoyed the pan-fried and the miso-grilled salmon where you get to enjoy the flaking layers of rich and decadent. I was hoping the maestro would serve up sea urchin or fatty tuna so I could relive my experience in Japan but unfortunately was not included in the Omakase.

You will be given instructions on the best way to enjoy each course, sans soy sauce or with. I’m no expert on sushi and as far as I’m concerned, the head maestro takes pride in preparation and produce so I’d follow the suggestions to enjoy each piece to it’s fullest potential.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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