Tetsujin – Emporium


Located on the top floor of Emporium right next to Ding Tai Fung, Tetsujin grace diners with two choices, Sushi Train or Japanese BBQ.

To give a little context, Tetsujin’s layout appears to be largely inspired by the 1956 manga about a little boy controlling a giant robot built by his late father called Tetsujin 28. There is a human-sized Tetsujin figure a top the dining area in the back and wallpaper of the original manga surrounding the bathrooms. Manga robots, Sushi Train AND Japanese BBQ? Take my money.. I don’t need it.

Pro-tip: You can order sushi from the back area as well, so don’t limit yourself to just the sushi train. Trust me, I’m a professional fatty.


Umeshu! Just a little bit fancy.
Tetsujin Craft on Tap
Pork Belly Bao – $7.00 & Soft-shell Crab Bao – $8.00
Korean Fried Chicken Ribs – $9.00
Grilled Eel Nigiri – $3.30
Grilled Salmon Nigiri – $3.30
Tuna Belly Nigiri – $3.30
Teriyaki Eel Roll

We had the Premium Set for $99 to share.

Soft-shell Crab Salad
Salmon Sashimi
Wagyu Scotch Fillet & Wagyu Oyster Blade and Skirt
Making friends with the grill
Ready to eat!
Wagyu Ox Tongue – $19.90
Extra scallops and octopus

The entrees at Tetsujin were decent, nothing too spectacular but also nothing I could really fault. If it’s a Friday and you’re looking for a casual hangout with workmates or friends and some drinks, Tetsujin won’t disappoint. The sushi were the standout of the evening, everything tasted fresh and really good value for $3.30. All the plates we ordered were awesome, I recommend grilled salmon nigiri!

I’m a bit skewed because BBQ Brothers 10 has the best Wagyu (to me) to offer but Tetsujin’s quality isn’t bad either. There’s different set variations whether you’re on a hot date or a rowdy group of 10, there’s options for everyone. What I haven’t seen at any other place is the Wagyu Ox Tongue.. especially when you dine with a supreme lover of everything tongue (was not meant to be dirty..). I’m not a tongue man, but no complaints from the tongue enthusiast.

We had a great time at Tetsujin, service was friendly and as I’ve said before nothing that I can really fault. Tetsujin is extremely popular as far as I can see from the queue’s for the sushi train. Like I said, when there’s also Japanese BBQ as an option… popularised by the girl from the El Paso ad’s.. ‘Why not both?’

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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