Kurbside Kravings – Braybrook [Truck Crawl]


I must confess July was a mixture of the flu/deadlines/pokemans (team mystic!) and a lot of odd tasks that took away my time from The Hungry Mo’. I don’t want to spend too much time making excuses because I want to spend my energy on the eatings that I did manage to fit in.

I’ve been wanting to write this one up for the longest time! Kurbside Kravings is an anomaly. At least for me, anyway. Owned and operated by Hilme (awesome bloke), Kurbside Kravings offer Anatolian street food, the likes you’ve never tasted before. Hilme originally hails from Anatolia, incorporating most of Turkey and is also known as the Asia Minor (Thank you, Wikipedia). Operating since April last year, Kurbside Kravings have come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in Bacchus Marsh. Traditionally, vendors specialise in one dish that makes it stand out from the crowd however, Hilme has incorporated the best from Anatolia into one truck.



Hilme is no stranger to the hospitality industry. Having worked for 17 years around the world, to cruise liners it’s fair to say that Hilme has earned his stars and stripes but still maintains his humble approach to learning anything and everything.

Focusing on fresh ingredients and taste – the gang and I was more than happy to partake in a short journey to Anatolia. Despite the cripling cold, we got a round of packs that had a little bit of everything off the menu. It was our first time trying Anatolian food and what better excuse than to try mostly everything on the menu? I didn’t catch the name of the pack, but I’m going to call it Hilme’s-Box-Of-Goodies.

Hilme’s-Box-Of-Goodies (L-R: Chips, Ottoman Slider, The Torpedo & Manti Dumplings) – $15

There’s no close up of the Manti Dumplings (sorry!) but I’ll describe whats in that little cup of love. Homemade mini dumplings filled with lamb mince, toppped with traditional organic tomato sauce, garlic yoghurt and a drizzle of burnt butter, infused with red pepper sauce.

It was a bit too cold to finish our meal with Hilme, so we decided to head back to base to dig in. Let me say, that those dumplings are the dumplings we need, not the dumplings we deserve. Seriously though, the manti’s were so good on a cold day, warms your soul that little bit.

Ottoman Slider – Marinated beef patty, crispy lettuce, tomato, pickles finished with Kurbside sauce
Inside the Ottoman!

The Ottoman was also awesome as well. I detected flavour similar to Sujuk but I’m sure I am very wrong. It was delicious the patty was very flavorful. I only wished I had an extra Ottoman.

The Torpedo – Crispy bulgur torpedo filled with marinated lamb mince, saute diced onions, parsley and a hint of authentic Mediterranean spice.

The skin of the Torpedo was crisp and the minced lamb was very aromatic. Befitting of it’s name, the Torpedo along with the rest of the Box of Goodies was an assault on the senses. We all agreed that we weren’t sure of what we ate, but the flavours were delicious and testament to Hilme you can taste the freshness and the dedication in the food. As of this writing, we already made a second visit. Kurbside Kravings is usually around Super Amart or The Tyre Factory on Ballarat Road, Sunshine. For opening hours check them out on IG!

4 moustaches out of 5!

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