Shinmai Tasty – Maribyrnong


Maribyrnong is hot property right now, with new establishments popping up left, right and center. Shinmai Tasty opened just shy of 3 months ago and has already warmed the hearts of the locals with their tasty Japanese offerings (myself included!). Located on Edgewater Boulevard, Shinmai Tasty joins the slew of new eateries that are bursting onto the scene in the West. You have Ebi for your bento cravings and Soko when you’re missing ramen and Shinmai Tasty can fill in the void of anything in between.





Chicken Karaage (deep fried marinated chicken with mayo & lemon) – $10.50
Takoyaki (Octopus balls, bbq & mayo and bonito flakes) – $8.50
Gyoza (pan fried homemade prawn dumpling with soy sauce and vinegar) – $9.50
Soft shell crab salad (Mizuna, orange, mints, cucumber, tempura bits, ponzu sauce) – $17.50
Spider roll (deep fried soft shell crab, orange, chives, cucumber, mint, fish roe) – $17
Shinmai Lamb Chops (Black pepper miso with a side pomegranate salad) – $23.50
Hokkaido Scallop (Grilled mushroom & scallop with olive lemon cream sauce) – $21.50
Grilled Wagyu (Grain fed beef, cabbages, garlic butter served on hot stone bowl with Shinmai sauce) – $29.50

I’m no stranger to salads and honestly speaking.. who decides to eat one willingly? Shinmai’s rendition of the ol’ bowl of lettuce with fried crab was absolutely delicious. The orange cut through the fried soft shell crab’s richness, leaving a refreshing aftertaste. I can imagine it being a favorite during the warmer months ahead because, it just works.

We must talk about the Wagyu because this was another standout dish. Served raw, resting on a bed of shredded cabbage slowly wilting away from from the burning stone pot. Instructed by the waitress, we tossed the cabbage, Wagyu and the already melting garlic butter resting on top. We were rewarded with tender slices of Wagyu that gave way once you began to chew. The Shinmai sauce on the side provides a sweet and mild teriyaki-like sauce that does it job to coat the sauted cabbaged.

All in all, Shinmai does a lot of things right and what it does especially well is the food. Which is good especially if you decide to enter the restaurant business. A decent all-rounder that doesn’t do much to offend, from the fresh sushi, to your typical karaage, that was little that I could fault.

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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