Badger vs. Hawk – CBD – La Trobe Street [Lunch Crawl]


Amidst the chaos of building construction on La Trobe Street, Badger vs. Hawk caters for corporate and blue collar workers with their much needed caffeine fix thoughout the day. ‘But.. The Hungry Moustache, we don’t care about coffee! Food pictures now or get out.’, I hear you guys say. Fret not my loyal reader of 1 (Hi, Mom!), BadgerΒ  vs. Hawk also do burgers. I’ll put my dream of Melbourne coffee bean specialist on hold for now, imaginary haters – you can’t stop this peacock from flying!






The Drop Bear (Beef, egg, bacon, cos, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, cheese with homemade aioli & smokey bbq sauce) – $15

There’s something strangely satisfying and primal when you fight Newton’s fourth law of burger motion (FYI, this is Newton’s least favorite law) to maintain the structural integrity of, ‘The Drop Bear’ whilst BBQ sauce glazes over Mr. Brunswick’s hand (10/10 wingman, would recommend).

A slightly savage bite.

It was messy, sauces escaped from their line position and an abundance of serviettes were mandatory after each successive bite. But, boy was it gratifying to finish ‘The Drop Bear’, you literally feel like a bear after hunting, sauce oozing everywhere!

You’re either someone who doesn’t like pineapple on their pizzas or you’re one of those awesome, cool and outside the box thinkers that love Hawaiian pizzas. I almost forgot about the pineapple because it worked well with the rest of the ingredients. The full meal comes with shoe string fries accompanying the beast.

3 moustaches out of 5!

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