Andrew’s Hamburgers – CBD – Franklin St [Lunch Crawl]


Andrew’s and I have a little bit of history, one involving an overzealous, probably hungry black swan in Albert Park but that’s another story for another time. There was a time before Grill’d surged in popularity and the hip burger dives began popping up around your corner (probably a lot more if you live in Brunswick). It was a simpler time, a time that Andrew’s Burgers was considered by many as the best burger in Melbourne. I don’t necessarily agree with this sentiment nor do I think a ‘best burger’ exists, but what I do agree with is Andrew’s makes a solid classic burger. In terms of your local mom and pop fish and chippery, this would crush the competition. Easy.





Smokey Robinson + Extra Pattie (beef pattie, red onions, handcut pickles, double cheese, bacon and smokey bbq sauce) – $15.50 + $5 for a combo

The burgers aren’t pretty, but neither am I. Don’t expect brioche buns or fancy schmancy ingredients. The burgers are your simple takeaway style but executed well. Ingredients are fresh, the patties are thick and there are layers of bacon that I got a good decent dose of the meat sweats. It’s like finding $10 in your back pocket that you forgot from last Friday. Best free money ever! (plot twist, it’s not free).

I also ordered an extra pattie because I like to underestimate life and Mr. Brunswick ordered an extra potato cake to wedge between his classic burg. I’m surprised my jaw didn’t lock but the bun held up and we both agreed these burgs were very delicious. The beef were pretty good quality with a nice chew, I’d probably rank just under the beef Mr. Perry sources for the Burger Project.

From the queue’s, a lot of people in the CBD can still appreciate a no frills burger it seems. They are also very generous with the chips, you have been warned.

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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