Hakata Gensuke Ramen Professionals – CBD – Russell St


People have different ways of keeping warm in Winter. When the sky’s dark and the depressing weather is blocking every ounce of sunshine, I have two options. We didn’t particularly feel like Hotpot so that can only mean one thing. Noodles. Specifically, Ramen! There’s nothing more therapeutic than slurping steaming hot strands of noodles saturated in a rich broth boiled for hours so that glorious swine can shine. I think this may have been my last bowl of Ramen for the Winter. That actually sounded more dramatic than I intended. Oh, the ramemories.


For the longest time, I’ve heard good things about Hakata Gensuke with many rave reviews about how delicious their Ramen is. I’m a big fan of Ramen and all noodle soups in general so I was ecstatic when I finally got a chance to make a visit.

I gotta admit Hakata’s line are very daunting, at least when I walk past and probably why I put off my visit for the longest time. Of course, this line is testament to how good a bowl of Ramen they can make. Their staff is efficient/friendly and we got a table of 4 in less than 10-15 minutes.

Hitokuchi Gyoza (10 pieces) – $9

If ‘Hitokuchi’ means delicious, these were true to their name. In all honesty, I haven’t had any particular dramas with gyozas at any Japanese restaurants and these were no different.

Chicken Karaage – $5

Despite their plump appearance, these were not as juicy as they looked. We did wished they were served with some Kewpie or lemon. It was still tasty nonetheless, you seriously can’t mess up fried chicken thighs.

Signature Tonkotsu (without Green Onions, added Flavoured Egg, extra Cha-Shu) – $20
Signature Tonkotsu (added Flavoured Egg, extra Cha-Shu) – $22
GOD FIRE (added Flavoured Egg, Extra Cha-Shu, Seaweed) – $22
Black Tonkotsu (added Flavoured Egg, Bamboo Shoots) – $18

Hakata Gensuke’s ordering system revolves around you choosing exactly what goes into your bowl of Ramen. You can choose the type of noodles, firmness, broth, extra condiments or remove anything that you don’t fancy. I should note that these bowls are not cheap and averages around $18-22. We also noticed that the ‘Flavoured Egg’ was not flavoured with anything but simply soft-boiled and perfectly cooked at that.

I ordered the Black Tonkotsu and couldn’t be happier. The black hue comes from Hakata’s blend of fried garlic and black sesame paste that slicks on the surface of the rich broth. I loved the chewy noodles and I’m glad the chef has followed my instructions for a ‘Firm’ noodle setting. The Cha-Shu was also wonderfully tender and gave way if you’re a bit too rough with your chopsticks. I only wish the slices were more thicker or I should’ve ordered extra Cha-Shu. The broth itself was rich and I love how the black garlic oil works with the Tonkotsu.

If you are a fan of garlic and noodles, I don’t think you can walk past this menu.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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