Ebi Fine Foods – Footscray


Ebi’s previous owner, John has retired and new management has taken over for the last year and a half. A little fact that we weren’t aware of until after we finished our meals. Ebi is now managed by the lovely new owner who worked with John previously and has retained most of the working staff. I have to apologise to this lovely lady because her name escapes my worrying short-term memory. Even under new management, Ebi Fine Foods maintains it’s original glow with flying colours. It’s like a movie sequel that doesn’t suck.




For the uninitiated, Ebi (Japanese for Prawn) specialises in Japanese Bento – a set menu and also a special Bento for that day or week. Ebi also serves fish and chips for those who cannot do without the sweet call of deep fried fish fillets and stack of fried potatoes.

You may be thinking.. ‘Umm, Hungry Mo’.. it’s just a Bento/Fish and Chip takeaway shop. Can you calm your farm?!’ And how wrong you are. You know those awful food court ‘Bento’ that cost less than $10? Yeah, nah.. This is not your standard Bento. Ebi makes everything from scratch and it’s evident with the cosy atmosphere. The wall is completely filled with resounding glee from the locals and I was more than happy to add to it! The owner emphasized the importance of catering to the needs of local customers and were more than happy to accommodate dietary requirements or removing items as necessary.

Prawn Gyozas – $5
Arabiki (Japanese Sausages) – $8
Not your Grandma’s Miso Soup. Unless of course.. you know, your Grandma is Japanese. Then this could well be your Grandma’s Miso Soup. – $1.50
Unagi Don (Bento of the day)
Pickled Salad and Crunchier-Than-My-Life Lotus Roots
Miso-glazed Caulflower & Eggplant
Rice with Furikake (Mix of salt, seaweed, sesame seeds and other dry flavourings)
Hunter’s Bento (Fish 3 Ways) – $19
Five’s Bento (Wagyu Scotch Fillet with Sesame Sauce) – $22
My Unagi (Grilled Eel)

I originally wanted the Pork Belly (melt in your mouth goodness here, folks) but was made aware they had sold out. Having never tried Unagi before, what better opportunity than to be adventurous. What can possibly go wrong?

How glad I was! Granted this was my first Unagi experience,  Ebi’s portion was handsomely tender. Not too sure why I chose handsome, but I think you guys get my drift. It was very delicate and akin to white fish that has been cooked perfectly and flakes away in your mouth. I think there was a decent amount of fat within the Unagi which made it very moist and pleasure to eat. I could easily smash another 3-4 portions of Unagi with that sweet and smokey (Teriyaki?) sauce.

Sure, it may not be the cheapest Bento in the world but if you’re in the neighbourhood – I would definitely recommend to give Ebi a go!

4 moustaches out of 5

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