Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez – West Footscray


I’m a little bit embarrassed that Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez has escaped my radar for so long when I literally live just around the corner. Nuevo was my first experience with Latin American cuisine despite being posted after my review of Los Latinos (I don’t always carry my camera on me and I refused to post pictures of my phone! #qualitycontrol). Ever since my first Latin American lunch at this fine West Footscray institution, I have not looked back. Everything was delicious and I was eager to share this establishment with anyone reading. Only this time, for dinner!



Squad: 6+

We arrived at roughly 7pm and the crowds slowly built up and a local band began setting up and playing. Staff greeted us enthusiastically, were very warm and friendly throughout our dinner. Drinks arrived promptly and we tried the recommended Dos Equi. We ordered a mix of everything, some dishes we have tried before and some for the first time.


Nachos Especiales (Tortilla chips with cheese and usual suspects) – $12
Daily Empanada -$6
Pupusas Plate (Corn cheese filled flat bread served with refried bean pate, curtido, pickled vegetables and house made tomato dipping sauce) – $19
Tamales (Corn-based dough steamed with spinach and tangy cheese, service with salad, pickled vegetables and piquant sauce) – $18
Garlic Prawns with Aiguashte – $18
Soft Corn Polenta (drizzled with corn truffle, mushrooms and herbs) – $10
Tasting Platter from the Specials Board (apologies, I can’t remember what was dished here!)
Twice-cooked Pork Belly (Served with beetroot mash and confetti vegetables and carrot aioli) – $32
Chicken Thigh Fillet & Chorizo Ragu (Braised chicken pieces with Spanish chorizo served with soft corn polenta and herbs) – $29
Chimi Churri Beef (Argentinian style smoked scotch fillet served with sauteed mushroom and warm potato and beetroot salad) – $36

Whilst there was nothing wrong with the appetizers, there is very little that I can say.. this may in part be due to my ignorance of South American influenced foods. The flavours don’t exactly explode your taste buds into the fifth dimension but they weren’t exactly plain neither.

The mains are the major players that will keep me coming back and I am more than happy to sing my praises. Neuvo excels at the Twice-cooked Pork Belly, Chicken & Chorizo Ragu and last, but certainly my favourite – the Chimi Churri Beef. Twiced-cooked, the Pork Belly requires a knife and fork to cut into it but has a satisfying chew and is anything but dry. The Beetroot Mash and Carrot Aioli works with the Pork to cut through the richness. There’s not much more I can say about the Ragu either.. Chicken thigh fillets, Chorizo slow cooked in a tomato base served on top of Polenta? I’d be lying to myself if I said this wasn’t good.

Now the beef.. I have mixed feelings about this one. It indeed is my favourite main but the dinner version I had on the Friday was different from my first experience I had at lunch. Whilst everything on the plate was largely the same, the sauteed mushrooms was.. different. As if, it was missing a little something.. a kick perhaps? Hunter (This man has the palette of the Gods) explained the mushrooms were missing truffle oil, which were disappointingly absent that night. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the dish, but once you’ve had a taste of truffle oil.. it stays with you. It was very aromatic and I can still remember the flavour of the mushrooms from a few months back.

I sincerely hope the truffle oil is still a part of the recipe because Nuevo is such a charismatic, lively restaurant and very fun to spend your Friday nights chilling out to some great food.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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