90 Secondi – Docklands [Lunch Crawl]


Pizza is a touchy subject for some people. It, among other favourites such as the humble burger or hotdog is extremely subjective and as I have found out the hard way, even more so if you like Pineapple. You can immediately tell that I have the taste of a pizza peasant deeply ingrained within me. I’ve tried ‘traditional’ type pizza’s before and in all honesty it wasn’t my cup of tea. I couldn’t fathom the logic behind a pizza costing upwards of $22-26 that only contain a handful of ‘gourmet’ ingredients could trump a well equipped pizza below this price tag (Not referring to Dominos!). It wasn’t until a visit to 90 Secondi (Sister restaurant to Gradi and 400 Gradi) that I may as well eat my own words.

Squad: Chad & Dre

This is no secret but I’m quite simply, hooked. I blame Dre, who is a connoisseur in all things fancy but mostly importantly, pizza. Because of her, I am now a believer of wood-fired thin crust pizza’s. 90 Secondi is wedged between Etihad Stadium and Southern Cross Station – their location is prime and it doesn’t hurt to be situated directly under one of the ginormous NAB buildings on Bourke Street.Β  We had to wait roughly 5-10 minutes during the lunch time rush but were seated promptly. There is only one thing we came to order and that is pizza!



Chad’s Gnocchi Con Ragu (House made gnocchi with chunky ragu of beef, pork, red wine and prosciutoo crudo)
Dre’s Diavola (San marzano tomato, extra fior di Latte, hot salami)
My Diavola (San marzano tomato, fior di latte, hot salami, rocket)
Up top!

Chad went with the unique snowflake route and chose the Gnocchi which was outstanding! The Gnocchi was soft, creamy and the beef was very tender giving in once bit.

Now.. the main attraction. Drum roll please. No? Okay. I’ll show myself out.

Dre and I both got our usuals, the Diavola. Dre’s version is sans Rocket whilst I like a little green on mine, you gotta balance out the carbs and fats man! I’ll start with the dough.. fluffy, doughy (but not thick), chewy and slightly crispy. It is one of the most satisfying chews you will ever chew. The sauce is salty, sour and slightly tangy which partners with the hot salami so well. Overall, it’s a very rich tasting pizza and that’s why the rocket cuts through the richness and before you know it, you’ve finished a whole pizza. By yourself.

By the this is not exactly the cheapest lunch you’ll have.. but pay day is just around the corner. Treat yourself!

4 moustaches out of 5!

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One thought on “90 Secondi – Docklands [Lunch Crawl]

  1. […] The pizza’s at Gradi are tasty. They have the crust baked to a crusty, chewy delight that blends with the ingredients well. I ordered the standard Margherita and was prompted by the waiter that the yellow version yields a much better, sweeter flavour. Whilst eating yellow tomato’s was a bit off putting at first, I didn’t notice the tomato being any sweeter. Great for instagram but my heart still belongs with the Margherita’s at D.O.C. The Diavola is virtually the same in terms of it’s sister restaurant at Docklands. […]


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