Wings of Glory – South Melbourne


I love chicken wings. I love fried chicken. I love chicken drummettes and wingettes. I have an unhealthy obsession with chicken akin to that crazy, clingy ex that just won’t let go. You get the point, chicken is my life.

There’s something primal and oddly satisfying about gnawing your way through a wing cleaning the bone from all scraps of edible chicken matter. Wings of Glory allows you to tap into your inner carnivore and devour as many wings until you’re content. If chicken wings are just too bland and boring, say no more! There’s also a FURY wing challenge, if you can scoff down 12 FURY wings in 4 minutes you get your name on the wall of heroes or the wall of shame if defeated. I’ve had my fair share of crazy wings and even though having heartburn for 3 days after was fun – I decided to concede on this occasion. I’m a simple with simple needs that simple chicken wings can satisfy.




The warriors who defeated 12 FURY wings in 4 minutes – For $15, how can you say no?
Season your chips with original, salt & vinegar, nacho cheese, tangy lemon, sour cream & chives and BBQ!
30 Piece (Flavours – Cajun, Medium, Honey, 2 Large Chips, 3 Dips & Veggie Sticks) – $45
Buffalo – Medium
Cajun Wings!

Squad: Mr Cloud and Jaz

First things first, the service was awesome and the lovely young lady serving us was a joy to talk to and very informative to us Wings of Glory virgins. The ordering process may seem daunting at first, but the premise is generally simple. Choose your wings, sides, sauce and you’re good to go!

We got the 30 piece and got 10 wings each in different sauces; Cajun, Medium (Buffalo) and Honey. If you’re familiar with buffalo wings, the flavour here is no different slightly tangy with a little bite on the hotness scale. Our favourite was the honey flavoured wings and… that ranch sauce!! Probably the most flavourful sauce of the bunch, double dip worthy. The chicken wings itself was not as juicy or as crunchy as I would like but the house-made chips were very moreish especially with ranch!

3 moustaches out 5!

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