Mr Bratwurst – Prahran Market


A really quick lunch crawl today. This is going to be a bit of a two-part lunch crawl because before you eat lunch you have a pre-lunch invented back in the 1990’s by the genius that now owns this blog.

Disclaimer: you only have a pre-lunch if you have time for a nap afterwards, if you don’t – you’re gonna have a bad time (professionals at work here).

Mr Bratwurst is located within the belly of the beast. By belly of the beast I mean one of the most delicious markets in Melbourne. Opening in the 1890s, The Prahran Market is one of Melbourne’s oldest market’s and I should be indicted for not having the chance to visit. Until now. I’m a self-proclaimed fried chicken lover but I do love a weiner or two once in a while. When you get a really good weiner it sticks with you. A strong snap when you bite, a tad juicy but not too much and a very flavourful mince are hallmarks of a legendary weiner.


Still not enough weiners for me
Mmm….54 slices of American cheese…
Spanish Chorizo (w/ caramelised onions, bacon, cheese and the big yellow and red) – $9.00

The Spanish Chorizo has a lot of snap and was very delicious. The extras only added to it’s deliciousness because there is nothing that doesn’t get exponentially better with the addition of bacon, caramelised onions and cheese. Mr Bratwurst grills their weiners over a charcoal pit and if you’re gonna grill, you might as well grill on a pit! Would go again.

4 moustaches out of 5

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