Up In Smoke – Footscray


Back in my hey day, there was no such thing as American BBQ. BBQ meant you had a few snags on the barbie, a few hammies (burgers for non-strayans) and some chicken wings. The only time I could appreciate and drool over smokey ribs and fork tender brisket was when Man v. Food premiered their first season. Thankfully, people have realised there’s a lot of foodies and heaps of potential in the Westside of which Smokehouse 101 and Up In Smoke has created their business around. Yes, I know – there are heaps of cool and hip BBQ in the North and East but we Westie’s need lovin’ too! I absolutely adore Smokhouse and have put off trying Up In Smoke for the longest time due to hype and lines.

The owners of Up In Smoke invested in a solid $20,000 Yoder Frontiersman Smoker (picture below) and having found massive success with 8-Bit, American BBQ seemed like the next logical step in building their culinary empire. You can then understand why I would steer away from UIS because, 1. hype is expectation’s disappointing cousin and 2. waiting in a line to then wait again for your food makes me sad. Regardless, we kept our expectations low and ventured forth.

Up In Smoke’s $20,000 Yoder Frontiersman Smoker
Mini smoked cheese kransky dog, onion strings, chipotle ketchup, jack cheese – $6
Ham hock and cheddar croquettes – $6
Grilled corn cob green habanero mayo, ricotta salata, bacon salt – $5
Jalapeno, bacon and cheese stuffed potato skins – $8
Smoked wings, ranch dress (Hot) – $10
The Big Tray (Brisket, pulled pork and sausage, 2 sides – chips and apple slaw) – $46
BBQ rub fries
Apple, fennel and dill slaw
Pulled pork
Beef brisket
Jalapeno and cheddar sausage

Squad: King-san

For two people, we ordered a lot. King-san and I are no stranger to American BBQ and we have the amazing tendency to over order and over eat. You haven’t had a real date until you had a bro date.

We were seated directly opposite the famed smoker and the BBQ maestro’s were busy smoking various cuts of protein imbuing every cut of meat with the smokey char. Service was attentive and plates were cleared once we were done to make room for the rest of our order.

Highlights: I would like to point out the smoked wings was very spicy. If Sriracha is considered hot for you, I would suggest to get the mild version because I had to retire after 2 wings. The corn was also very good, I couldn’t taste the Habanero as these cobs were running on the mild side. Chips and the mini dog are good too!

Not-quite-highlights: The Big Tray was pretty generous in terms of portion size considering there were a few people making a big kerfuffle on Zomato about UIS being stingy. I found the pulled pork slightly dry but the brisket remained moist and and feel apart easily.

While there were one or two dishes that I can recall, most of the dishes we had were largely forgettable. Up In Smoke isn’t bad as people have touted but there wasn’t any dishes that would make me want to return or immediately rave about. In terms of curbing my BBQ cravings, I’ll leave that to Smokehouse 101 or Third Wave.

3 moustaches out of 5.

Up in Smoke Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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