The Metropolitan Hotel – CBD [Lunch Crawl]


I walk past The Metropolitan Hotel everyday towards my 9 to 5. I often see a lot of locals enjoying a pint or two and a lot of CBD warriors having lunch al fresco as well. It’s one of those places I gloss past going home but luckily for me, The Metropolitan was the next destination for our team lunch (Shout out to my boo Tori and her amazing planning!).

Side note, I panic often. And when I panic I make poor decisions (I’ll keep this food related). There is nothing worse than rushing your way across the menu and end up choosing a lemon because everyone’s ready to order at the table, except for you. This has happened to me too many times specially more so, when I try to experiment and not order the ‘safer’ options (never again, Whiskey Ramen..). The advantage of knowing where you’re going in advance means you have ample time to scrutinize over every inch of the menu. Needless to say, I came to The Metropolitan prepared.

Beer-battered steak fries with garlic aioli – $8.50
Pappardelle (slow-braised lamb shoulder ragout, shaved pecorino) – $19.50
Capricciosa (Double smoked ham, roasted mushroom, artichoke, olives) – $17
Salami (Spicy salami, olives, romesco, basil) – $17

Highlights: We had a large party (14+) and The Metropolitan accommodated us without any fuss and food came out all at the same time (roughly). There wasn’t anyone that was sitting awkwardly without food for a long time.

  • The salami ran a bit salty probably from the tomato sauce but I love salty things so this pie was delicious. These are not Gradi pizzas but the base were thin and a lot more crispier. Would order again.
  • Chips were crispy and you can’t fault Aioli.


  • I enjoyed the Salami more than the Capricciosa because I’m not a fan of artichoke but it was mostly fine as well.

If I find myself craving a wood fired pizza and can’t lug myself to the nearest Gradi or Secondi, I wouldn’t hesitate to come to The Metropolitan again.

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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