Wagyu One – CBD – Bourke Street


‘Wagyu’ translated is Japanese beef and has been popularized in recent years for it’s premium cuts as well as the fat marbled texture that I lose my soul every time I stare too long at a piece. After Japan, Australia is the world’s second largest breed association that spreads the love of Wagyu to all corners of the globe. Originating from Japan, the breed is subjected to massages and includes alcohol as part of their diet for creating that marbling fat that ripples through that delicious cow. Wagyu One join the likes of Shou Sumiyaki in strengthening the Japanese BBQ platform that is outnumbered by the more popular Korean BBQ.

Compared to KBBQ, Japanese BBQ flavours are relatively more tame and in my experience more dearer on your pockets. But this more often than not, is associated with higher quality cuts of meat and usually fresh, not frozen. Wagyu One in particular, focuses on providing a whole arsenal of premium cuts from the beloved bovine and I’m more than happy to welcome with open arms.

Warning: A lot of pictures ahead.


Wearing our fancy pants today.
Assorted Kimchi – $4.80
Miso soup – $3.80
Tasmanian Oysters – $16.50 per 5 pieces
w/ Ponzu
Prawn Gyoza – $11.80
Karaage Chicken – $9.80
Tako Wasabi (Octopus sashimi w/ wasabi) – $5
Wagyu Tataki (Seared sirloin Wagyu) – $15.80
Salmon and Avocado Salad – $15.90
Assorted Sashimi (Salmon, Japanese Yellow Tail, Snapper and Spicy Tuna) – $25
It’s all about the angles.
Fortune 8 (Tongue, Tataki, Roast beef & Sirloin) – $21.80
Tataki and Roast Beef Nigiri
Assorted Tempura (Prawn, capsicum, asparagus, carrots & zuchini) – $15.80
Yakiniku The Lot & Lot (Scotch fillet, rib finger, tri tip, vegetables, oyster blade, chuck rib, pork rib, ox tongue, basil chicken & spicy miso chicken) – $118 for 4 people
Pig said to the Chicken, ‘Think we’re outnumbered.’
You can imagine that sizzling sound, can’t you?



Always room for chicken.


We ordered a whole lot off the menu, which I’ll sum up below.


  • Salmon and avocado salad – I think this is the only place in Melbourne that does this dish. Looks more richer than it tastes, if you love salmon and avocado then this dish will do you no wrong.
  • Oysters – Very fresh! Definitely recommend, was a bit sad they ran out of oysters.
  • Fortune 8 – A great way to enjoy the Wagyu without grilling (Don’t worry I didn’t get sick, so I don’t think you will either). Roast beef was delish.
  • Yakiniku The Lot & Lot – I really like this deal in terms of value and that you get to try a variety of cuts.


  • Grills are gas powered instead of charcoal, which I think would add so much more to the Wagyu.
  • Gyoza could’ve used a longer sear on the bottom
  • Tako Wasabi – Interesting dish of raw octopus with Wasabi. Not my cup of tea, was a bit chewy but I think you should try it at least once to see if you like it.

Wagyu One isn’t cheap night out but with the quality of ingredients served, I can’t say the food is overpriced especially when our overall experience was lovely. You can tell from reading but I’m really nitpicking when it comes to finding faults at Wagyu One. If you’re looking for a delicious, intimate, JBBQ experience for a special occasion then why not try Wagyu One?

4 moustaches out of 5!

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