Good Ovening – CBD – Lt. Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


I find that when it comes to Korean eateries, Melbourne has so many options that we are often spoiled for choice. In all honesty, Good Ovening is easily miss-able and generally not one to catch the attention of passerby’s. However, when I’m hungry I have the innate ability to sharpen my senses in seeking any restaurants within a 100 metres that I haven’t tried yet (read google). I’m pretty proud of this skill (I’m shameless). As I have mentioned before my work is so central to many options, I imagine the day I move on to a different role it’ll be a very bitter day in the life of The Hungry Mo’.



Like most Korean eateries, Good Ovening is oozing with personality from well placed knick knacks, tasteful decor to friendly staff – everything is off to a good start!

Mandu (Korean dumplings) – $6
Fishcake Udon (Various fishcakes) – $10
Curry Udon w/ Grilled Chicken – $10


  • Pretty fresh ingredients that you can get for $10


  • Flavours are very tame and you can definitely get a better lunch deal with Japanese curries at Sool-tong or Mr. Fusion
  • My curry udon was served lukewarm, but it was still delicious

Overall, Good Ovening delivers a fair effort to curb your cravings for a cheap lunch but there wasn’t anything here mindblowing if that’s what you’re expecting. I have heard the Woolongong chicken is pretty decent here, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon. But never say never!

3 moustaches out of 5!

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