Jack B. Nimble – Maidstone


Have you ever been to a country and craved something so badly that no one could not satiate despite your valiant efforts? Well.. for whatever reason while I was over in the land of the rising sun munching on endless bowls of ramen, udon, curry rice among other countless delicious morsels… the haunting allure of brunch kept calling out to me.

Which is odd, because I don’t even like brunch (I know, I know, I’m a heathen. I should be punished.) and it took two trips to Japan that made me realise what a fool I’ve been and what I wanted was right in front me all this time. I’m sorry brunch, I hope you take me back.. I’ve changed!



Single origin cold drip – $5 (Hungry mo’ certified)
Handmade potato gnocchi (w/ eggplant caponata, pork sausage, smoked king prawns, salsa verde and pangrattato) – $19
The Roti Jack# (slow-roasted lamb shoulder in a grilled milk bun w/ egg, spicy garlic & chilli mayo, sliced red onion, gogi berries and lemon pangrattato) – $18
Hot dog (w/ tomato ketchup, cheese and hand-cut wedges) – $10
Southern fried chicken burger (w/ chipotle aioli, cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato and green apple & dill slaw) – $17
French Toast (w/ dulce de leche, strawberries, passionfruit, vanilla, green tea mascarpone, burnt white chocolate & matcha crumb) – $16

For those that follow my blog (I don’t blame you if you don’t, my mom doesn’t read my blog either and I still love her, albeit begrudgingly.), Jack B. Nimble is located on the same strip as Los Latinos. I’ll give you a quick rundown, I haven’t been much of a brunch fan mostly because I’ve been a basic Benjamin and ordered the eggs benedict or something every other Tom, Dick and Harry’s cafe would have. Then I realised most cafes whom are worth any bit of salt have specialty dishes that are unique only to them.

Jack B. Nimble wasn’t going to be another cafe I usually ignore but a destination that was going to wow me on almost every angle. I count my blessings everyday that it’s located in Maidstone and not somewhere swanky. We shared all the dishes above and with the recommendation of the waitress we even got the french toast. I use ‘even’ because I’m not a fan of desserts or sweets either.. I guess I’m sweet enough already. (I know, I’m gross.)


  • You must get the LAMB! All of our savoury dishes tasted delicious but I think the lamb was the crowd favourite. The lamb shoulder was cooked into a tender, tender mass and worked with the concoctions of flavours on the plate like you wouldn’t believe.
  • French toast – Soft and wasn’t overbearing sweet, I wouldn’t say my favourite french toast but I’m sure sweet tooth-centric individuals would love this rendition of fried bread.
  • Staff have a sense of humor and attentive, also A+ with the french toast recommendation


  • Zilch


If you’re not a fan of how busy Seddon brunch places are usually, I would hop by and give Jack’s a go. If the front of house is full, there is also a back dining area that is equally nice, especially if the sun’s out!

4.5 moustaches out of 5!

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