Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. – CBD – Elizabeth St [Lunch Crawl]


Burger upon burger upon BURGERS!

2016 was clearly another rock solid year for the humble beef batty between two buns whether it’s brioche, sesame seeded or a donut! (who am I to judge your ridiculously awesome life choices?). I’m super hyped to end with Betty’s Burgers as my last post for the year while everyone else is too busy with family and friends enjoying food to even write one word about food!

Let’s end 2016 with a big burger bang. Bring on 2017!





Only a bit more.

Hailing from Noosa, Queensland, Betty’s Burgers have finally arrived in Melbourne! Opening for just shy of 2 weeks before Mr. Brunswick and I finally made a visit. If you’re coming here for the lunch time rush, you’ll want to beat the crowd and arrive just before 12 or else you’re going to have a bad time. That being said, the ordering system whilst ‘fidgety’, works. I got my food and drink without waiting beyond an amount of time before I got annoyed (despite long queues). That’s a working system in my eyes.

Anyway… onto the food! Let’s not kid ourselves here, burgers and ‘concrete’ – the menu is undeniably similar to Royal Stacks but in terms of oomph and the overall package, there is a world of difference.

Crispy chicken (southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, betty’s special sauce) w/ french fries & sriracha mayo – $11 + $5 + $2 = $18
Betty’s classic deluxe (angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, betty’s special sauce, pickles, bacon and extra pattie) w/ onion rings & garlic mayo – $20 + $6 + $2 = $28

First off, I would like to address the elephant in the room… yes, my entire meal cost $28. Are the prices exorbitantly priced when compared to the usual suspects? Most certainly. I can’t even begin to defend Betty’s price point considering ordering an extra pattie with bacon and pickles was an extra $10 on top of my Classic Betty. My burger without sides was $20.

HOWEVER…. if you remove the price point away from the equation, my experience with Betty’s was one of full burger bliss.


  • The burgers! – My classic betty which I opted to deluxe and add an extra pattie was fresh, juicy and the bacon was so perfectly cooked I got a bit emotional by the time I finished it. The bacon was crispy all the way through.
  • Mr. Brunswick’s chicken burger was surprisingly juicy because it looked a bit dry from my angle, they must’ve brined the chicken or use disney magic in the kitchen.
  • The onion rings were addictively moreish and salted perfectly! I wished I paired it with the Sriracha mayo, which is a must if you go.
  • I have to compare the fries with Royal Stacks here and say they taste like they’re actually fried and not air-fried. I don’t like my fries tasting healthy, dry or as if they’re lowering my cholesterol.


  • Garlic mayo – I would skip this one and go with Sriracha mayo.
  • Price point – Not exactly the most wallet friendly burger menu out there, considering you can get my exact burger for half the price at other burgeries. I think this is the biggest complaint from most diners, myself included.
  • Burger-goers have noted the ordering system is awkward, but I was too busy thinking about burgers to notice. If it didn’t bother me to make a point, it probably won’t bother you either if you’re a reasonable human being.
  • Whilst the burger is extremely good as an overall package, the beef quality isn’t quite as good as Burger Project, but does come in at a close second.

I really wanted to give Betty’s a 4.5 but the price dragged it half a mo’ down. Definitely in my top 2 burg spots in the CBD along with Burger Project.

I would visit again if I’m going to get a burger without pickles or bacon… or an extra pattie…

Who am I kidding? It’s either two patties or you’re just lying to yourself.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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