Sarawak Kitchen – CBD – Swanston St [Lunch Crawl]


Fun facts with The Hungry Moustache! Did you know there are more than one type of laksa? (More like, fun fact.) My work colleague, Andy brought this bomb shell and changed my life forever. Andy was born in Malaysia and introduced me to a different bowl of Laksa at Sarawak Kitchen which he claim’s is the closest thing in Melbourne to his hometown.

I’ve tried the Sarawak Laksa here and I can quite honestly say that I have never tasted anything quite like it. It’s aromatic, peppery and I find myself randomly craving it from time to time. I thought I would try something different as a farewell to Andy before he leaves Australia for another role!


Spring rolls – $4.50
Fried vermicelli w/ fried chicken drumstick, sambal & egg – $10.90
Foochow fried noodle soup (w/ pork, fish cake, prawns and vegetable in soup) – $10.50
Deal 2 (Special soup w/ noodles in background) – $15.50
Deal 2 (Kampua special noodles)

Like most Asian restaurants in the CBD, the service here is no frills and don’t be surprised that you will more often than not be seated with strangers.

But, sitting next to strangers a minor complaint because if you’re anything like me – you’re not here for the ambiance but for the food itself. I didn’t feel like laksa so I oped for the Kampua special noodle (Deal 2). Andy got his usual Foochow fried noodle soup and Hang got the Fried vermicelli noodles with the works.


  • Kampua special noodles – you guys can’t see it in the picture, but there was a pool of a sweet soy sauce mixture at the bottom which generously coats the noodles once mixed. This dish would otherwise be pretty bland without the sauce despite the proteins.
  • Hang’s fried vermicelli w/ fried chicken, sambal & egg – I immediately had food envy when this dish came out. It tastes exactly as it sounds, fried, oily, delicious and there’s a house-made sambal if you need that extra kick.


  • Service – friendlier than most Asian restaurants in the CBD albeit a bit slow with our meals, my dish came out first long before Andy and Hang got theirs
  • Probably my mistake for not asking, but I wasn’t in love with the special soup which contained off cuts

I wasn’t exactly a fan of my dish despite it tasting okay. I would come back here for the Laksa or the fried vermicelli again but their menu huge that I don’t think you’ll run out lunch options if you have the time!

3 moustaches out of 5!

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