Addict Food & Coffee – Fitzroy


I rarely get the chance to eat in the beardfest and food-centric haven that is Fitzroy. My heart lies in the West but sometimes I just want to dine in a room full of flannel shirts and tattoos whilst sipping on a cold drip wearing hipster glasses. Addict is swanky cafe composing of polished wooden communal tables, hospitable service and the smell of coffee lingers as you vibe out and people watch. You forget about the sticky hot weather and gorge on the feast that’s about to unfold.

Will Addict turn me into a mindless soul constantly needing my brunch fix every weekend? You won’t believe what I will say. (sorry I watch and read too many clickbait articles.)


Cold brew – $4
Southern style pulled pork burger (slow cooked pork shoulder w/ coleslaw, cilantro, nopales, chipotle mayo, salt and vinegar fries) – $18


Grilled cheese kransky big breakfast (smoked tomato, mushroom duxelle, tomato relish, poached eggs, bacon & sour dough) – $19
Chorizo hash (w/ fried egg, AJVA sauce, okra, fennel & coriander salad and jalapeno yoghurt) – $18

I love cold drips/brews and I have absolutely no idea what the difference is between the two. It might be a little overwhelming if you’re used to having milk and sugar in your coffee but, I’ve grown used to just the flavour of the beans. Not to mention, you get a pretty sick dose of caffeine as well because you need the extra energy when you brunch with me.


  • Big breakfast – loved the criss-cross pattern on the kransky and the mushroom duxelle (google tells me – mushrooms sauteed in butter until a paste) was really good and full of mushroom goodness. I enjoyed this dish the most among the 3 dishes we ordered and every component was cooked pretty well.
  • I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, having staff with a sense of humour is a must! Who else am I going to tell me dad jokes to? (Sorry awesome guy who works at Addict.)


  • Pulled pork burger – I think there’s a lot of things going on here that just doesn’t quite work in unison for me. Too many flavours trying to fight against each other. The salt and vinegar fries were more subtle in flavour but I don’t think I’ll order the pulled pork again.
  • Chorizo hash – On paper this was my dish. I would die for chorizo and jalapeno yoghurt? I like weird things and if this works, I will rave like no tomorrow! Like the pulled pork, the package as a whole was disappointing. I was trying to taste the jalapenos in the yoghurt but it was too subtle for me. The hash fell apart easily but when eaten with the yoghurt, salad and fried egg in one big mouthful it just raises more questions then it answers. I like it when people experiment with flavours but this one fell short.

Addict offers a solid cold brew and showcases techniques in cooking different ingredients with grace but falls short when combined together. Nevertheless, I will continue my brunch journey in Fitzroy when the opportunity comes!

2.5 moustaches out of 5.

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