Imperial Hotel – CBD – Bourke St [Lunch Crawl]


As if it wasn’t a trying journey of trials and tribulations when your friends attempt to decide on a place to eat, try organising a group lunch for 12 work colleagues. Fortunately, I am a tragic when organising large groups and would like to thank the extremely lovely Victoria for putting up with us! It felt like it was only just last year when we had our last team lunch, time sure flies when you’re hungry. We did so well last time at the Metropolitan, so we figured hotels were the way to go this time round again. Our experience last time was fantastic and it’s hard to find a place in the CBD that caters for large groups during the lunch time rush.

Whether you want a burger, chicken nuggets or even a steak, pub grub’ll leave you with bellies filled and you can easily food comatose into oblivion.



Beer battered fish (chips, tartare sauce & lemon) – $22
Chicken burger (corn chip coated chicken thigh, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, kewpie mayo, cheddar cheese & bacon w/ chips) – $22
Imperial burger (two beef patties, bacon, pickles, lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese & mustard w/ chips) – $24
Southern chicken ribs (w/ jalapenos mayo) – $12

I was actually dead set on ordering the braised beef short ribs ($29) but something about the two beef patty Imperial burger that called out my name.. I’m not too sure if that was a blessing in disguise or if I drew the short end of the straw. The Imperial burger was very dry and tasted as though they were quickly defrosted and cooked to a dark hue. I don’t want to sound like those people who exaggerate on Zomato about putting tomato sauce on something because it was dry and tasteless – but that was exactly what I did. It did make finishing the burger a lot easier. I’m not one for wasting food unless it’s entirely inedible.

The chicken burger also called out to Mr. Brunswick as well. Maybe one day I can show him the light and finally prove that beef is the superior protein (unless it’s battered and fried). He mentioned the chicken burger was okay but wasn’t a fan of corn chip coating.

I also ordered the chicken ribs (side note, I’m starting a new piece about reviewing chicken ribs – still deciding on the name!) to share and wasn’t too impressed either. I had a taste of the fish fillets and whilst moist, it tasted overly oily. I can safely say the beer battered chips were what carried these dishes to the end.


  • Portions – You will not leave hungry as the Imperial is very generous with their serving sizes
  • Beer-battered chips – can be ordered by itself or comes with a meal, these were pretty crispy thanks to the beer batter


  • Main’s very overall disappointing in terms regardless of serving size or not. I felt there was a lot of shortcuts that were taken which delivered a very mediocre experience for us.
  • Spare ribs – tasted dry and definitely spent a tad too long in the fryer. Doused liberally in Sriracha, so I think that’s the Southern aspect.

We did notice after lunch that the Imperial has a rooftop bar and chill out area. The bar had their own menu and outdoor kitchen that includes noodle boxes and burgers too. The only difference were the burgers and other dishes looked better than their hotel counterpart. I’m not too sure I’ll be making a return visit though.

2 moustaches out of 5.

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