The Hungry Mo’ turns Uno!

I realised just the other day that I’ve been food blogging for nearly one year now with my first ever post being uploaded on the 19th of January 2016. Time really does fly when you’re busy stuffing your face and also dedicate some time to write about it. This also means that not only am I a year older now but The Hungry Moustache will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary as well!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank my friends for giving me that extra push to pursue a passion and love that I have always had. I love food and through this blog, I’m able to express myself in a way that still retains my personality whilst giving any readers out there the content I want to put out. Nothing gives me greater happiness than when someone tells me the photos that I take make them hungry, salivate or crippled with food envy. I wished I could’ve started this sooner but there’s no point about regretting something when I can use that energy to eat!

Looking forward, I’m planning on introducing a different series alongside my normal reviews, ‘Lunch Crawls’, ‘Truck Crawls’ (I’m reviving this soon!) and start reviewing chicken spareribs. I’ll explain. As a Vietnamese, I eat a lot of Vietnamese food. From my mom’s food, to the restaurants around my area and sometimes even in the CBD as well. You name it, I’ve eaten it.

I’m a proud Vietnamese and there is always a dish that I always order when we eat out. That’s right, a big plate of chicken spareribs goes well with any bowl of BBH (Bun Bo Hue) or Pho Bo Dac Biet. I order this dish because 1. I’m fat but also 2. I want to see which restaurant out there makes the best, most succulent, finger licking sparerib.

Of course, with every genius (sarcasm), there’s a moment where one experience an ephipany akin to when Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity through observing a falling apple ( Yes, I’m comparing myself to Newton). I began to wonder.. what if I started compiling a list of the spareribs I’ve eaten from all the restaurants I’ve been to?

I’m sure there at least 1 or 2 people that share my love for fried chicken ribs, especially of the embarrassingly amount of ribs I’ve gone through!

So long story short – I have a new segment called, the ‘Sparerib Special’ that will focus on finding the ultimate chicken sparerib! To help me with this task, I’m going to utilise the Sparerib Matrix that will be used to scrutinise every sparerib that comes my way.

See you on the next post!

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