Brother Nancy – West Footscray


I’m a newly reformed brunch believer and you know what? I’ve been missing out!

I can understand why people love brunch, especially Melbournians when we have such an immensely strong coffee culture. Australia is built on small businesses and we love supporting the small guys – especially when they make a great coffee too. I myself, am slave to the eternally sweet nectar of the cold drip and haven’t drank anything else since my first sip. I’m a simple guy and this translates through to my coffee, I don’t need milk or sugar – I’m already sweet enough. (If you need to throw up, the bin is over to the right)

It’s just another Sunday, quarter past noon and you’re hungover from copious amounts of Jaegermeister and Tequila from the night before. I can assure you, any mixture of these two liquids will result in a good night out but you’ll turn into an extremely hungry and hungover potato the next day. So grab your Ray Bans, make yourself barely presentable and let’s grab some brunch.

Growing up in West Footscray, I’ve seen Essex Street bloom into the wonderful Petulia it is today. As a toddler, it was the street that connected Braybrook and Footscray. Now, in my late 20’s – it has been home to Ebi Fine Foods, West 48 and Brother Nancy. From a simple, quiet, neighbourhood bus route, Essex Street is now known for more than just the 219 bus to Sunshine Station.



My elixir of life
Sour dough w/ mushrooms and poached eggs
Poached eggs, stuffed bacon roll, tomatoes, mushroom, baby spinach & toasted sourdough – $18
Mussels w/ pomme frites in chorizo, spanish tomato sauce – $16.50


  • Service/Staff: Extremely helpful and kind, the owner and waiter was especially welcoming and a delight to chat to – extremely knowledgeable of the menu as well (A plus when staff know their stuff.)
  • Mussels – I had a bit of trouble deciding which sauce to go with my Mussels and the owner kindly recommended the Chorizo. He was right, the sauce was fantastic and I really wanted a whole loaf of bread to mop up the juices. For that price as well, this dish was a steal. Also fries. Recommended.
  • Bacon roll – The bacon rolls were delicious. The bacon was stuffed with a mixture of mince that I can only describe as addictive and not enough! I wished they served more than four! Recommended.


  • Food took a little longer than expected
  • I wished they gave us more bacon rolls and sour dough! In their defense, no amount of bacon will satisfy me.

Brother Nancy is exactly what you need, great food, great coffee and the sour dough will help soak up the bad stuff so not only do you get brunch but it’s therapeutic as well. Even if you’re not hungover, Brother Nancy’s menu will have you coming back again and again!

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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