Mr Griffiths Alibis and Libations – Kensington


I remember one of the greatest snacks of all time was a bag of hot chips and gravy, especially after a grueling 8-3pm high school schedule (hey, life was hard back then!). It’ll be about $3.50, served in a small sized paper bag, piping hot and fresh out of the fryer from the local Mom and Pop. Completely drenched with ladles of fattening, salty mysterious gravy and a plastic fork in my right hand – I’ll cause third degree burns to the inside of my mouth and happily food coma all the way home.

Somewhere along the line, the Mom and Pop shop would close down and a new, trendier, Canadian form of the humble chips and gravy would make it’s away onto Australian shores. The mighty Poutine – consisting of fried chips, cheese curds and a hefty portion of brown gravy on top, bringing all the ingredients together to create a mountain of a meal. Satisfaction guaranteed. Also, self loathing and regrets after your post-meal nap.

Newly opened Bar/Burgery/Poutine deliverer, Mr Griffiths has been busy serving Kensington locals with burgers, various craft beers and heaping mounds of poutine. There’s not many places in the Inner West that serve the Canadian favorite, let alone specialise in it! I called the assist of a cheese lover and Poutine fiend – Mr Juu. Have we finally found a place for Poutine without venturing into the CBD and beyond?


Buttermilk fried popcorn chicken – $9
The Drummondville (fries, housemade cheese curds and gravy) – $9
Bacon G’s Burger Deluxe w/ extra pattie (beef, bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, G sauce) – $16.50


  • The burgers here are excellent. Fresh greens, charred beef patty, sweet crunchy pickles, crispy bacon and melty cheese all brought together with G sauce. I found myself enjoying the burgers a lot more than the other dishes. Solid burger. Recommended!
  • Vibe: Relaxed atmosphere with kids running and frolicking about whilst the grown ups enjoy some frothies.


  • Staff/service: Friendly enough.
  • Popcorn chicken: These didn’t taste like they were marinated in buttermilk and it tasted obvious as they used chicken breast.
  • Poutine: Mr. Yu and I were very disappointed with this one in all honesty. The crinkle cut doesn’t work and the gravy was very runny that caught us by surprise. I’ll give the cooks props for making their own cheese curds (which was nice!) but the chips weren’t as crispy as I would’ve liked.

Although Mr Griffiths may have missed the mark with their Poutine, their burger is very tasty and despite the runny gravy this establishment is very likable. I can see them doing well with the locals and I’d certainly come back if I’m back in the area for some crafts and a burg’.

3 moustaches out of 5

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