Seddon Deadly Sins – Seddon

Sorry for this overexposed mess.

Being a glutton is not easy. Life’s not butterflies and rainbows when you’re lugging around a food baby from a meal designed to feed a small family. Sometimes even I’m amazed at how I manage to achieve gargantuan feats of overeating, napping and terrifying amounts of snacking. Have you ever had a late night kebab, two potato cakes, one gozleme – washed down with an ice cold coke AND went to bed immediately after? This is Gluttony in a nut shell and I’m sure most of us are guilty of overindulgent intakes of carbs and sneaking in one too many spoonfuls of ice cream. Hey, I’m not here to judge. This is a safe place.

Seddon Deadly Sins’ is based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Not bad on the pun game, I must say. I guess you could say, it’d be a sin for me not to visit (I’ve got more where that came from). SDS has been an OG when Seddon was in transition of being turned around into the brunch powerhouse of then West that it is today. It’s quite easy to see they’ve stood the test of time and remain strong as businesses come and go. I have made past visits, but these were pre-hungry moustache times. Times have change!




Wrath (Eggs cooked in salsa w/ olives, onion, parmesan, chorizo and sour dough) – $16.50
Sorry not too sure about this one – Looks like Eggs Benedict with pulled pork?
Bacon & Egg Pide ( w/ caramelised onions and BBQ sauce) – $10
Chicken Mexican Wrap (spinach tortilla w/ refried beans, corn salsa, tomato, spinach, lime & mint mayo) – $14

I’ve ordered the ‘Gluttony’ before and I can assure you’ll need an appetite to finish the lot. This time, I opted for other dishes that I haven’t tried before.


  • Service/staff: I’m very pleased with the staff here, accommodating when we had an extra person and eager to help. Always a plus in my books when people care about their jobs.
  • Seating: Don’t be fooled by the seating out front, there are heaps of real estate in the back and there’s an outside area with plenty of seating.
  • Wrath: Loaded spanish eggs with generous amounts of chorizo because you can never have too much chorizo. Recommended.


  • Pide – Not sure if this can be called a Pide? Looks and taste like bacon and eggs inside Turkish bread.
  • Fries could use a few more minutes in the fryer to avoid looking less limp and pale looking.
  • I was disappointed that they don’t serve Cold drips/brews here. I opted for the cold black coffee but it just wasn’t the same.

The crowd favourite were the Spanish eggs (Wrath) and recommended if you’ve never been to SDS before. The rest of the dishes whilst tasty and filling, doesn’t really knock down any walls in redefining brunch. But that is exactly why I think, SDS is still so popular with the locals – there are days where you want a deconstructed coffee (seriously, this is a thing) and other days when you just want a breakfast with the lot. Extra fries please. Seddon Deadly Sins has got you covered for the latter.

3.5 moustaches out of 5

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