Rococo – St Kilda


After experiencing the majesty that comes in the form of dough, cheese and tomato from DOC – I am now self aware. Akin to a dormant android that was designed to devour every pie that comes his way, DOC has blessed me with an appetite that will decimate and devour any pizza that come my way. It’s no coincidence that this is my second post about pizza (and pasta!).

I haven’t shown much love for my Italian brothers and sisters on the blog for the last year but rest assured there’s a lot of action coming soon. It’s nice to gorge on double patty burgers, fried chicken and the like but I like a hearty plate of pasta and quality pizzas too! I just hope I don’t go on a dark pizza bender with my life spiraling out of control and have a pizzavention orchestrated by my increasingly worried family. Should that time ever come, I’m gonna take my life one pizza at a time.


Slow-cooked italian meatballs (tomato sugo, pesto di casa, parmesan) – $12.50
Bruschetta (Tomato, goats cheese, pesto di casa, garlic, basil, olive oil & parmesan) – $6 p/piece
Margherita D.O.P (Mozzarella di bufala, basil, sea salt) $21.50


Spaghetti bolognese (traditional bolognese ragu, parmesan) -$24
Rigatoni sausage (Pork & fennel sausage, brocooli, tomato, galic, chilli, pangrattato, parmesan) – $26.50
Tagliatelle carbonara (handmade egg pasta, pancetta, free range egg, parmesan, black pepper, cream & parsley) – $24.50
Char-grilled chicken & bacon risotto (leek, fresh tomato, basil) – $27


  • Pasta: The pasta served here is beautifully cooked to a perfect al dente on every dish. After waiting for close to an hour, the pasta didn’t disappoint.
  • Carbonara: Wasn’t drowned in a pool of cream, tasted light and my compatriots didn’t leave anything behind. Recommended
  • Spaghetti Bolognese: Bolognese sauce tasted sweet and moreish that kept me coming back for more.
  • Margherita: The crust is more doughy than DOC but their basil distribution is more generous. The San Marzano base is also very good and they also serve fresh Mozzarella as well. Recommended.
  • Meatballs: The meatballs were delicate and fell apart easily but the sauce accompanying it was amazing. It’s a good thing the pizza crust was doughy because it’s a good sauce sopper. Recommended.


  • After finishing our appetizers, there was a noticeable wait before our mains were served. This didn’t bother me too much because the pasta was delicious but may irk other diners.
  • Risotto: I’m not a fan of risotto and I don’t see myself ever being a fan of soggy rice sauce. I have no idea how this dish costed more than any of the other, more delicious offerings we ordered.
  • Bruschetta: Not a fan of the burnt bread and one of the more standard tasting bruschetta’s I’ve had. I can’t justify the $6 price tag (per piece) when the flavours are average at best.

Looking forward to coming back to see what other offerings there are in St Kilda!

3.5 moustaches out of 5

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