That Arancini Guy – South Melbourne Market [Truck Crawl]


Famous for their oversized dimmies and $1 oysters, the South Melbourne Market has transformed into a food lovers paradise with Food Trucks, vendors from far and wide filled with good vibes. I’m not a fan of the huge lines at the Queen Victoria Night Market so the South Melbourne version was a more relaxing experience (No lines means more food, faster!). We didn’t really have a strategy and mostly winged it and chose what sounded most interesting.

Note: I had to divide up these reviews from one post into individual posts because Zomato doesn’t like lazy bloggers (boo!).


Cheese wheel spaghetti – $12

I heard a lot hits and misses about the infamous ‘Cheese wheel’ spaghetti. The process involved copious amounts of Spaghetti are cooked inside a massive cheese wheel and hopefully absorbs as much cheese as possible in the process. I’m happy to say that The Arancini Guy does a great job of cooking the Spaghetti. It was cheesey, gooey and the chilli flakes doesn’t make it sickening. I actually wanted my own cone towards the end!

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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