Double D – Springvale


Hailing from the West, I have very few reasons to be in Springvale. It’s a solid hour of driving and time has a funny relationship with how food tastes – especially the longer you have to wait for it! If I do happen to be in the area though.. well, that changes everything. It would be a sin against gastronomy to ignore the delights Springvale has to offer. Hunter works around the Springvale area and is no stranger to Double D. After months of salivating to the onslaught of Hunter’s snapchat’s, I finally have the chance to try the Korean fried chicken at Double D.







Lord of the Onions (Angus beef, crispy onion chips, jack daniel’s bbq sauce, aioli, american cheddar cheese, lettuce on brioche) – $11.50
Krispy chicken burger (Original crispy fried chicken fillet, lettuce and creamy spicy aioli on brioche) – $11.50
Mighty mouse (angus beef, bacon, american cheddar cheese, lettuce tomato, aioli, brioche) – $10.50
Double D (double angus beef, cheddar, onion jam, lettuce, aioli, teriyaki sauce, brioche) – $12.50
Chicken Bao (Crispy chicken fillet with hot and spicy sauce, spring onion and pickled radish) & Pork Bao (Braised pork belly, pickled cucumber, fresh coriander) – $14
Korean fried chicken wings (Crispy chicken wings w/ hot and spicy) – $18 for 12pcs



With a mixture of trendy hipster filament bulbs and those tables and stools that we’re all so familiar within any burger joint – Double D’s interior game is on lock. I like casual and relaxing enviroments when I eat – ideal for over ordering and eating! The menu comprises of burgers, baos, fried chicken with your choices of normal fries or loaded. If you’re looking for extra indulgence and increasing your waistline ever so slowly, their milkshakes might take your fancy.


  • The fried chicken shone brighter than any edible diamond at Double D. I’m not sure what the ‘D’ stands for, but delicious has to be one of the D’s. The wings were still crispy despite the coating of sauce and tender to the bite. I’m happy that the wings didn’t fall victim to being over-sauced as most Korean institutions are guilty of. The hot and spicy sauce runs sweet more so than spicy so don’t worry, you’re going to be able to enjoy the wings even if your spice tolerance is low. Recommended.
  • The fries were also a winner here, not quite the best I’ve ever had but seasoned well and fried to a crisp! To ensure maximum enjoyment, you probably want their loaded equivalent.
  • Fried chicken and steamed buns is like a strong unbreakable marriage that can only get better with oil. The Bao’s tasted the most balanced out of the menu due to pickled radish cutting through the richness. Nice!


  • Despite the amounts of burgers we ordered, this was ultimately our undoing. There’s nothing wrong with the burger itself which was a tasty beef patty in it’s own right but the brioche was very thick. I felt the carby overload on the second bite of my Lord of the onions. I think they could’ve benefited from a thinner bun but overall a highly dense carbohydrate experience.
  • I think the beef burgers pale in comparison to the chicken at Double D, so unless you’re having bovine withdrawals – stick to the fried chicken! Every piece of chicken that were served was all piping hot, fresh and oh so, moist!

If only Double D had a branch in the Westside, I could see them as being my fix for KFC when the cravings hit. But if I’m in the area again though… you’ll know where I’ll be.

3.5 moustaches out of 5

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