Tsuta Sushi – CBD – Hardware Lane [Lunch Crawl]


Have you ever wondered just before taking a bite a burger, ‘You know what this burger needs? Rice. Oh and also seaweed. Scratch that, can you please make this burger a bit more like sushi?’ Then you’re in luck, because Tsuta Sushi is an establishment that will cater to your twisted sushi-burger fetishes. In today’s social world of Instagram, people are always finding new ways to spin old classics into viral food sensations (Ramen burger anyone?).

We’re so used to brioche buns encasing the lovable beef and cheese duo, that this crazy creation just might work. Just. I mean – I like sushi and I like burgers. But sushi and burgers working together? This was either going to be horribly-vomit inducing or the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve placed a lot of amazing things in my mouth).

Either way, I’m excited to find out. Come at me burger-sushi!


Sushi Burger (w. teriyaki pulled beef) – $12.90 w. chips and drink ($7.90 without combo)


Sushi burger (w. chicken katsu and mayo) – $7.90
Sushi burger (w. tempura prawns) – $7.90
Chicken spareribs – $7~8 from memory for 4 pieces
Grilled chicken curry udon (curry contains more than 10 different herbs and vegies!) – $10.90


  • Sushi burgers: Saucy, filling and like most burgers, you’re going to need plenty of serviettes. The burger fillings we chose are interchangeable between the donburi’s and other noodle dishes. My favourite would be the chicken katsu (fried chicken wins again!) and the pulled beef that fell apart quite easily.
  • Curry udon: Udon is fresh and chewy, curry is mild as most Japanese curries are and the grilled chicken is deliciously grilled with teriyaki sauce on top. I didn’t detect MSG and didn’t down a litre of water afterwards. Recommended.


  • Chicken spareribs: crispy, juicy but could’ve used more seasoning – but does come accompanied with two types of sauces.
  • Chips: this was a bit weird for me. It wasn’t crispy, but tasted weirdly fluffy inside. They tasted air fried, but I suspect that I’m wrong because there were plenty of oil left on my fingers.

All in all, with the quality of the food we received and the price range – Tsuta Sushi offers a very decent lunch menu that won’t break the bank for you CBD warriors out there. I like the fact that Tsuta’s menu is flexible and there is a choice in that you don’t need to get chips with your Sushi burger and can opt for a salad and soup. I would choose chips every time over salad, but not everyone is a pig like I am.

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

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