Butcher128 – Yarraville


You know what’s the hardest question in the world? No… it’s not, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ nor ‘Is there puppies and ice cream in heaven?’ or even something as important as ‘If they don’t have Michelin star restaurants in Heaven, I’m gonna write a stern open letter to God about it on Facebook’.

I think you’ll be surprised that most of us are asked this question weekly, daily and if you’re like me even hourly. The question of course comes in the form of six words and is the bane of my existence whenever someone asks me. What do you want to eat? How can the answer to a six word question be so hard?! Don’t get me started when you include your crew into the situation. I don’t think I can describe the situation without using profanity.

TLDR: Food is hard.



Cold brew & Vietnamese drip coffee in the back.
Chicken Nguy (Smoked chicken, preserved lemon aioli, cucumber and dill on fresh multigrain) – $10.50
Saiguette (Gypsy ham, house pate, cucumber noodles, mayo, fresh chilli and mixed herbs on a baguette) – $10.50
The Meat Hook (Braised pork belly, seared w/ a pomegranate bbq sauce and served with sriracha mayo and cabbage & herb slaw) – $14.50
The Baron (Salted beef, cabbage slaw, swiss cheese, pickle and house mustard on sourdough) – $14

Butcher128’s first impression is that looks can be deceiving. The sheer amount of space spreading from the front to the back caught me by surprise. We wanted to brunch in the more spacious back area but were told they were full and only the sharing table was available, no matter.

I found staff was a bit standoffish at the start but they eventually warmed up to us afterwards. Perhaps my camera made them feel uncomfortable. I think people are uncomfortable around me regardless of my camera. It’s a talent.


  • Cold drip: I loved this. Simply refreshing while tasting less acidic than other drips. The only thing I could fault was that there wasn’t more of it! Recommended.
  • The Meat Hook (Pudge, anyone?): My favourite of the sandwiches we ordered. The pork belly was incredibly tender and slightly crispy with a quick pan fry made quick work of my taste buds. The slaw and pomegranate sauce teamed well with the pork to cut through the rich porky goodness. Recommended.
  • The Baron: Butcher128’s version of the corned beef sandwich. While I’m not a fan of corned beef, this was a balanced sandwich. With the large portion of cured beef – the slaw, mustard and cheese worked well with each other. One bite gives you a great mouthful of corned beef goodness and before the saltiness becomes overwhelming the slaw and mustard takes over and the swiss cheese comes in at the last minute and hugs you.


  • We noticed the baguette that were used for the Saiguette were leaning on the stale side of the freshness scale.
  • While I like heavy mayo-based things, but there’s not a whole more I can say about the Chicken Nguy besides the dill and mayo hit when you bite into the sandwich.

3.5 moustaches out of 5

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