Mammy’s Boy – St Kilda


I confess, I’m one of the biggest Mummy’s boy out there.

How can anyone NOT be a Mummy’s boy? I feel that most males are more inclined to their Mother’s for a variety of reasons. They’re the first and most important woman of your life. She is not only responsible for keeping you fed and alive (Excellent job by the way, Mum) but the critical figure in my life for creating an appetite that I often find myself eating beyond my needs and love every bit of it.

There is nothing greater than selfless parental love, so cherish every little bit of time you have! Unless you meet a really great chip shop and they fry the best damn chips ever. In which case, run away with said chip shop, marry them and forget your parents! They’ll be heartbroken. Maybe, die a little bit inside but I’m sure they’ll understand once you tell them about the chip story.

Long story short, love your mum’s and my mum most definitely makes better Vietnamese food than yours. (Challenges accepted)




Sausage and chips (2 Irish pork sausages and chips) – $10
Daddy’s boy (beef, bacon, onion ring, cheddar, lettuce, mammy’s relish, mammy’s sauce) – $14
MILF (Southern fried chicken fillet, tomato, red onion, lettuce, taco and garlic sauce) – $14

I honestly did not know what to expect from Mammy’s Boy when I found them on IG. I thought they were another hip burger dive nestling in St Kilda. Boy was I wrong, in the best way possible. I should’ve noticed when the staff had Irish accents and if you know anything about the Irish – they know their ‘tatoes.

Mammy’s Boy prides itself on providing the traditional chip shop experience. You know, back in the days when you could feed a whole family of five with $2 worth of chips. If you were a regular, you might even score a free potato cake (good ol’ days!). With traditional sensibilities and the warm embrace of a modern and casual interior, Mammy’s Boy is a blend of the old and new in one delicious hearty package.

The awesome:

  • The chips are AMAZING. They look sad objectively speaking but if you can look past the old school cut and pale colour.. you’re going to be rewarded with a lot crunching and foodgasms. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chip experience like this, add some salt and vinegar and you’re golden. Recommended.
  • The onion rings are not your silly onion slush mix that are mass manufactured for the masses, no. MB’s make ’em thick cut here and the batter didn’t taste overwhelming despite the thickness. I dipped mine in gravy and have no regrets. Recommended.
  • The Daddy’s Boy was anything a burger lover could ask for. Messy, juicy and absolutely hefty. If it’s not messy, you’re not doing it right.

The nitty gritty:

  • MILF: looked great but tasted really dry which distracted us from the rest of the burger. This could’ve one decent burger considering the bacon and jallies did carry the burg despite the dryness.

The conclusion:

Besides from the MILF, we enjoyed everything from Mammy’s Boy and I’m looking forward to coming back for those chips! I’m also more than happy give the MILF a second try and the other fried offerings.

4 moustaches out of 5!

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