Brooklyn Depot – CBD – Lonsdale St. [LUNCH CRAWL]


Before I start this review I want to take a second and acknowledge a gentlemen who works at Brooklyn Depot named Scott for his sheer professionalism and the outstanding service he provided. Long story short, I reserve a table for the wrong time and below the minimum people required for a booking yet Scott was still able to sneak us in. This was during the lunch peak, mind you. You’re a legend mate.

Bromance with Scotty a side, I noticed Brooklyn Depot roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was properly buzzing with the lunchtime crowd despite only recently joining the ranks of numerous eateries in the CBD. Brooklyn Depot has stores in Queensland, New South Wales and now we finally get a slice of the pie in Victoria. With such a drool-worthy menu and a great location for work lunches – you know we had to do a Lunch Crawl.








On the lam (marinated lamb, roasted red peppers, oak leaf lettuce, feta, onion strings and tzatziki yoghurt) – $14
Brooklyn BBQ board (southern fried chicken wings, bbq pork ribs, crispy pork belly, juicy beef short ribs, depot slaw, cowboy caviar w/ toasted bread slices) – $45
‘Southern fried’ chicken wings
Philly dawg (Pork depot wiener sausage, sliced steak strips, roasted green peppers, caramelised onions, depot special sauce) – $12
Coney island (Pork depot wiener sausage, beef chilli, cheese sauce, salad onion topped with depot special sauce) – $12

Brooklyn Depot is a product that was inspired by old New York and combines items on the menu is synonymous with the big apple. You have NY classics like dogs, burgers, American BBQ, mac and cheese – staple American comfort food and more. Mr. Brunswick and I were really here for the dogs, anything else was really just a bonus.

The awesome:

  • The coney dawg was great. There wasn’t a bite that I took that did not require a proper wipe each time… and I loved it! The bread was soft but provided enough structure to support the weiner which was enveloped in a mix of chilli and an abundance of artery clogging cheese sauce. Mr. Brunswick made a note that the steak were dry and could used a bit more love but overall not a bad Philly Dawg.
  • As mentioned before staff were great and besides Scott, the waitress who took care of us was extremely helpful and pleasant.

The not-so-awesome:

  • The burgers were unanimously below average and the lamb burger I had was dry, tame flavours and stale bun (toasted buns would’ve made a whole world of difference, imo). The general consensus around the table were very underwhelmed by the burgers. I did see the ‘FUHGEDDABOUDIT!’ burgers making their way to tables around us with syringes filled with hot sauce which were tempting. I’m going to assume their buns were stale too.
  • The fries arrived cold and resembled McDonald’s fries. Don’t get me wrong, I love McDonald’s fries especially when it’s fresh. These sadly weren’t fresh, quite the opposite in fact, sad and floppy.
  • The BBQ board was a huge disappointment:
    • The pork belly was battered and deep fried.. very badly. It was a sad piece of meat that was barely battered and overly oily. I struggled to finish my one piece.
    • I didn’t like the “southern fried” chicken wings either, which were not seasoned and battered in a way that screams mass manufacturing from a package.
    • The ribs were tender and I could tell there were some level of care given to them. But like most things, were cold when they arrived.
    • Overall, not a great experience with the food and left us feeling underwhelmed and unfulfilled despite the great service.

The conclusion:

Mr. Brunswick and I enjoyed our hotdogs and may even make a second visit because it’s hard to find a decent dog in the CBD. Given the competitive nature of Melbourne’s CBD, I have to give Brooklyn Depot the benefit of doubt and assume most of the mediocrity were due to kinks that can be ironed out from experience and time.

Hopefully, I’ll experience a different Brooklyn when I come back.

2.5 moustaches out of 5

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