Nothing gets me more excited than a piece of perfectly fried chicken.

Oh, I know! Make a whole freaking festival about fried chicken and I’m sure I’ll be twice as excited. We caught the fried chicken festival on the least rainy day and also the last day of the festival. We had a party of 4 and chose the divide and conquer strategy – Yum Az was my first stop!



Regular cone (self serve chilli mayo) – $12

Yum Az’s menu cannot be more simpler – a cone of chicken breast marinated in buttermilk (to get the moisture levels up) and deep fried served with skewers so you don’t have oily fingers. Perfect festival food.

The chicken bites were moist, but not to the level I was expecting with buttermilk. My order came through almost as soon as I handed over my money so I assume these had been fried for at least a few minutes before I came along. The batter was a decent batter that clung to the chicken for dear life and had a neutral spice that can be compared to the Colonel’s popcorn chicken.

3 moustaches out of 5!

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