Between The Buns [Truck Crawl]


As the name suggests, Between the Buns specialise in the humble burg but if you’re going to participate in fried chicken festival you’re gonna have to wing it! Fortunately, they had wings in either spicy buffalo form or southern-fried style. That being said, I don’t discriminate and if you’re gonna serve burgers.. I’m going to order them!



Southern fried wings – $12
Double Detroit Burger (Double beef patty, double cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, motown sauce) – $15
Not great.

Full disclaimer – It took BTB 20-30 minutes to finish up our order of one burger and one side of fried chicken. Not only was this the last order we were waiting on (which meant our other orders were cold or lukewarm by the time we ate) but it was most definitely burnt and they still served this to us anyway. I’m not one for returning things and if you serve this type of food to your regular customers – I will review the product the way I receive them.

The awesome:

The southern fried chicken was great however was served cold (probably had to wait for the burger for finish cooking). Which was a shame because the batter and the seasoning was not overbearing like other American-inspired chicken wings.

The not-so-awesome:

I’m going to go on assumption here and based on the product we received, BTB either forgot about burger or simply didn’t give a damn. They weren’t busy so I’m not sure why it took them so long for the burger to be served. It’s really disappointing and I’m a fair person – I don’t mind waiting but if you’re going to serve me something that is so obviously charred you either; 1. Don’t care about your customers/your brand or 2. This is what your standard is. Either way it’s not a great position to be in.

With my experience, the burnt burger and the cold chicken wings (which were good and could’ve been even better if they were fresh!) I can say with I won’t be a returning customer. If you’re wondering why I didn’t return the burger and ask for a new one.. We’ve waited 30 minutes for one burger already. I prefer to cut my losses and not end up with another burnt burger.

2 moustaches out of 5.

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