La Roche – St Kilda


I did mention I was going to eat my way around St Kilda a lot more often and here we are! I’m a simpleton, if you take great photos of fried chicken, burgers and/or pizzas on your Instagram feed one thing is going to happen. You’re going to get a follower who stalks you for at least a one month probation period before he drags his rag-tag group of mates in an attempt to decimate your menu.

Keyword: attempt.

La Roche stands on the corner of the foot traffic heavy, Acland Street. It’s no surprise that they’re packed to the rafters on a lazy Sunday afternoon but we did manage to nab a table outside. Copious amounts of face stuffing, here we come!


Southern fried chicken wings – $5 (min. order of 5)
Red Devil Parma (Chilli sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, onion, capsicum, jalapenos and fresh chilli) w/ chips and salad – $27.50
Bangers and Mash (Lamb and garlic sausages on creamy mash potato with an onion gravy) – $22.50
Roast Pumpkin Parma (Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, pineapple and spanish onion) – $27.50
Double Aussie Burger (Seasoned wagyu patties, double bacon, double egg, double cheese, onion, pickles, tomato sauce, mayo and chilli mayo) w/ chips – $23.50
Close-up, because I can.

La Roche’s menu is extensive serving anything from pizza’s, to burgers, steaks and they even have a whole page dedicated for their different Parma’s. The mains average around $25 which is no surprise considering the sheer portions they give you. Generosity is an understatement at La Roche.

The awesome:

  • Bangers and mash: I had a taste of the sausage and bit into a piece had a massive burst of juiciness and flavour. The lamb and garlic sausages were more flavourful than expected. Equally tasty was the onion gravy and the delectable mash!
  • Double Aussie Burger: I’ve struggled with burger structural integrity for the longest time in this age of brioche buns and juicy patties. I had no such issue at La Roche and the burger held up without a fuss after each bite. Very tasty, cheesy and tremendous in size. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the patriotic beast.

The not-so-awesome:

  • Portions: Subjective, depending on who you are but the portions at La Roche are generous. I’d even go so far and say, unnecessarily so. There were a lot of food waste, my team of big eaters found our plates still half full. Quantity is not always a good thing!
  • Chips: The chips came floppy, sad and unsalted. Yup.
  • I didn’t mind the Parma’s, but Hunter did mention while there were Jalapenos, there were no fresh hot chilli on the Parma (as mentioned in the menu).

Great for no frills big meals and appears to be a great hangout for drinks on the weekends. Unfortunately, there’s nothing screaming for me for a revisit.

3 moustaches out of 5

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