Laurie Dee’s – Epping


So, I’m currently on a burger bender (again) and I don’t know how to stop it. Frankly, I’m not sure if I want it to stop. Maybe I’m transcending beyond my human shell and a few burgers away from attaining enlightenment. Or my arteries are clogged beyond comprehension and blocking all rational thought leading to my ultimate demise, death by patty.

Yours truly was being a decent human being and volunteered his time with Mr. Brunswick towards cleaning certain lakes. Long story, we got hella hangry. We also scheduled ourselves that Laurie Dee’s was on the way home from our volunteer day. I wish I was this prepared when food isn’t involved.

Side note: Sorry! I know I’ve been away for a month. I was in Vietnam for a few weeks (I have some pics of the food I ate there on Instagram!). Back to normal schedule this week!




Double Bacon & Cheddar (Double minced patty, cheddar, crispy bacon, special D sauce, tomato, pickles, onions & BBQ sauce) – $10.95
Plain fries (Large, Laurie Dee’s special seasoning) – $4.70
Chicken nuggets (6 nuggets w/ sweet and sour sauce) – $6.95
Cheese fries (w/ cheese sauce & diced onions) – $6.95
Laurie Dee Double (Double minced patty, caramelised onions, melted cheddar, special D sauce, tomato, lettuce, diced pickles & relish) – $10.95
Flippin’ delicious.

The awesome:

  • The burgers are amazing mouthfuls here. Each bite yield a perfect mix of beef patties, fresh vegies, cheese and that soft flippin’ bun. You’re gonna need at least 2 patties because they’re thin at Laurie Dee’s.
  • The fries by themselves were great especially with their special seasoning, a spring onion salt blend that breeds addiction. The cheese was a bit too salty for me but the diced onion helped cut through the richness (beginning to think I’m not a loaded fries type a guy).

The not-so-awesome:

  • Not sure what I was expecting but, the nuggets tasted thicker than your average frozen store-bought nuggs. Not great, not bad either but I regretted choosing the sweet and sour sauce. It was a weird, thick, syrupy concoction that yielded a very strong tasting sweet and sour sauce I’ve ever tasted. I couldn’t do a second dip. Their BBQ sauce may have been a better choice if you choose to walk down this dark nugget path of mine.

Laurie Dee’s looks and feels like a franchised American diner but has a very potent arsenal of kickarse burgers. I’m surprised there aren’t a lot more Laurie Dee’s in Melbourne because I’m absolutely sure they would thrive if they branch out to the other suburbs! Come to Footscray Laurie Dee’s!

4 moustaches out of 5!

Laurie Dee's Hamburgers & Frozen Custard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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