Burger Kitchen – Moonee Ponds


Can we have a minute and appreciate how great social media is and how much it’s done for food in the last 5 years or so?! There used to be a disconnect between the restaurant and the customer. The only way for us to be connected was through visiting, word of mouth and of course Urbanspoon reviews! Old school bloggers will know.

These days, we can follow new restaurants that hasn’t even opened yet, long-time establishments and they can tempt us with their goodies at a swipe of a thumb! With everyone constantly connected, we’re more closer to that burger or chicken wing than we ever thought. If you got burgers, post a shyte load of food pics online and you’re based in the West – expect a visit from me!





Beef mac n cheese (fresh beef patty, american macaroni & cheese, bacon, spring onion, lettuce, american cheese, finished with BBQ & aioli) – $13
Meaty goodness w/ a black bun (beef patty, bacon, american cheese, grilled chorizo, grilled onion, lettuce, smokey BBQ & aioli) – $14.30
Loaded waffle fries w/ cheesy bacon & onion – $9.90

So Burger Kitchen’s menu consist of 3 types of burgers. Burgers either belong to the classic kitchen, gourmet kitchen or you can build your own! I wasn’t feeling fancy so I opted for the meaty goodness because… chorizo. My boy King, is a mac n cheese fiend so he went with the beef mac n cheese. Oh and guess what? They have WAFFLE FRIES!! I don’t think there’s place in the West that has waffle fries. Please correct me otherwise.

The awesome:

  • Meaty goodness: I’ve never had a burger with Chorizo before and seeing as everyone loves Chorizo.. why isn’t this a thing?! There’s something satisfying when you bite into a burger and hello, don’t mind if I do Mr. Chorizo. I do regret not getting an extra patty because I smashed this one down in record time.
  • Beef mac n cheese: King shared similar sentiments. He mentioned the flavours of the burgers all shone with no particular ingredient taking over each other. He was disappointed the mac n cheese weren’t in patty form making the burger experience much more authentic (messier).

The not-so-awesome:

  • Waffle fries: I wanted to like this a lot more than I thought I would. The waffles were salty by themselves and needed a decent smidgen of tomato sauce to be enjoyable. Without tomato sauce, I can’t see myself having more than 2-3 pieces. I’m beginning to think I’m not a loaded fries type-a-guy. I would have them again unloaded, though.
  • Service: Standoffish at the start and I wasn’t getting good vibes at the start but then nothing but smiles towards the end.

3.5 moustaches out of 5!

Burger Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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